Weight Loss and Fitness – Exercise Alternatives and Catalysts

It can become a real chore to work at your weight loss and fitness routine consistently week in and week out. Monotony sets in, your pattern begins to feel redundant, and it can become very easy to just let things slide, allowing your program to get off track. Here are a few “golden oldies” to keep in your repertoire that you can pull out now and then to break up the boredom, and they can actually be fun.


  • You may be surprised to learn how many muscle groups are used just by doing simple squats. They can be done using only body weight for resistance, or use can add some extra weight like dumbbells. And this type of exercise can burn fat quickly.


  • Not only an enjoyable activity, swimming applies resistance to muscle groups from the entire body. And, that burning muscle feeling prevalent after conventional resistance training doesn’t arise after a good swim.


  • A pleasant bike ride can actually be an effective way to burn fat and build muscle in the legs. The dynamics of natural intensity changes make it a great cardio workout as well.

Skipping Rope:

  • Professional boxers don’t skip rope because they’re regressing into childhood. This is one great warm up technique that many people never use. Set your own pace or change up the intensity and give your whole body a workout.

Rock Climbing (outdoor or indoor):

  • Depending on availability of course, this activity will work your mental state as well as pushing your physical limits. Again, you set the pace… your grip strength, shoulders, arms, legs, back, and mind all get utilized.

Using Body Weight:

  • No need for expensive or specialty equipment when doing exercise with only body weight for resistance. As well as the above mentioned squats, push ups, sit ups, chin ups, and even rope climbing all can be done in varying degrees, depending on your fitness level. If your advanced enough, using one hand, or one leg will intensify the workout, making it a very effective weight loss tool.

Don’t just exercise to lose weight, mix it up and have fun. Variety and enjoyment can have a profound affect on the mental aspect when it comes to the motivation of staying the course in a weight loss and fitness program.

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