Weddings in a Paradise Island

The beautiful tropical paradise island of Sri Lanka is undoubtedly an outstanding setting for an exotic and magical wedding. The multi-cultural ethnic structure of Sri Lankan societies provides couples with several different wedding ceremonies to choose from all of which are rich in ancient traditions. In contrast it is also possible to have a simple legal ceremony followed by an exciting party for friends and family. However, the traditional ceremonies with their historical customs and procedures have proved to be the most popular.

Sri Lankan weddings are differentiated by religious and regional variations. The Buddhist Poruwa Ceremony varies geographically as kandyan, southern and rajarata. However, the basic customs are common to all and are conducted at auspicious times in order to ensure the prosperity and success of the union. The couple is ushered in by exuberant drumming and dancing striking a note of festive celebration. Vows are exchanged on the intricately designed and decorated platform known as the poruwa calling fire, wind and earth to witness union. In addition blessings are invoked on the couple in a richly symbolical procedure. Other wedding ceremonies include traditional Christian church weddings, Hindu and Muslim weddings.

Generally, a wedding in Sri Lanka is celebrated in grand style and the planning is done months in advance. The services of wedding planners and certain hotels can be obtained to aid in every aspect of the wedding such as the venue, stunningly rich bridal attire, flower arrangements and cake. The warm tropical climate makes outdoor ceremonies ideal while the golden palm shaded, sandy beaches and turquoise ocean provide a mesmerizing backdrop for a beach wedding.

Foreign couples wishing to get married in Sri Lanka are required to produce birth certificates, valid pass ports, an affidavit confirming marital status and relevant legal documents if divorced or widowed. The abundance of intriguing and romantic getaways on the island renders it an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination. A truly Sri Lankan wedding is bound to add a heavenly touch to the most important occasion of a person’s life. To find out more about where you can go on your honeymoon or which hotel to choose, visit TrulySriLanka for more details.

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