Way to a Job Interview

Do you subscribe any tailor-made process to get the desired job interview call within a short time? Do you assure that the process, which you subcribe, will give you the wanted results you have wanted? If not, then how to improve your resume process? How you can reduce the interview call waiting-period? If you are complicated regarding the resume process, then read tips below to make clear your confusion and to enhance your job outlook. 

Every job needs a tailor-made resume; and every resume needs an efficient presentation to get it picked up at the first glance. To achieve this, you need to follow a time-tested process, which gives not only fabulous results but also a cutting-edge advantage to you. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

Read the following main points to know and gain more about the resume preparing process:

1. Design your resume with all the requirements of the target job

2. Layout your resume in an aesthetic way

3. Present both chronological and functional details in detailed fashion

4. Place small JPEG/GIF images of your certifications in the header of your resume so that they will appear on each page

5. Present all your experience in a single line and place it in the resume header. For example: Software Tester with 4 years of Testing experience, etc.

6. Start your resume with an Objective, Experience under different domains, Job chronological as well as functional details, List of Certifications, List of Trainings undergone, List of Awards/Rewards, List of Publications, etc, and finally, a decent Cover Letter.

7. While writing skills, present them in such a way that they match with the target job’s required skills. This is very essential because most of the employers want to hire people who have requisite skills along with experience.

8. Mention your talents in various fields; if possible, also list out the certifications you have. This is essential as it helps the employer to understand your personality

9. Once your resume is ready and before you are ready to mail the resume to the employer, always call the employer, introduce yourself and check about the job details; follow this process religiously unless the employer requests “no phone calls”

10. Always maintain the list of employers to whom you have sent the resume for further follow-up

In summary, the preceding resume process gives you detailed steps on how to get a job interview as soon as possible. Following the same process will definitely lead you to the interview stage within a short span of time. We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

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