Walls That ‘Pee Back’ On Your Clothes Are Being Trialled In London, England

It’s never advisable to answer the call of nature in a public place after a few drinks – but a new coating on walls in east London is providing a whole new reason not to.

Specifically, if you wee on the wall – it’s going to come straight back at you.

The ‘pee back’ coating is being trialled on walls around the popular nightspots of Shoreditch and Dalston –  in a bid to stop high levels of drunken, weak bladdered revellers from urinating in public.

At present, Hackney Council is forced to fork out £100,000 a year washing urine from walls and pavements.

In a statement , Councillor Feryal Demirci said: ‘Come to Hackney and have fun this Christmas and New Year. Please enjoy yourselves safely and think about the people living nearby by keeping the noise down and not weeing in the street.

‘No-one wants someone weeing on their own doorstep, yet some people continue to do it on the doorsteps of our residents and businesses.

‘If the prospect of a fine doesn’t put them off from weeing in the street, maybe the risk of getting covered in urine will.’

The hydrophobic paint was first tested in Hamburg, Germany – and proved to be an effective deterrent after offenders realised that their indiscretion would come straight back at them.