Vundo – the Trojan No One Wants

The Vundo virus is a very scary little Trojan horse virus. The reason the Vundo virus is scary is because of what it does and how hard the Vundo virus is to get rid of. The Vundo Trojan sneaks into your system and installs itself in the registry of your computer. Many programs will try to get rid of it, but because the Vundo Trojan has a dynamic quality, only the top anti virus, SpyZooka, can fully remove all forms of the Vundo virus.

The Vundo Trojan is a rootkit virus. A virus is called a rootkit because it digs into your computer’s registry and implants itself at the root of your operating system, thus taking fundamental control of your computer. Rootkit viruses are notoriously hard to remove because many are dynamic in nature, meaning if you only remove part of the virus and miss some the virus, the virus will reinstall itself and re-infect your computer all over again.

The Vundo Trojan virus will give you lots of pop-ups for fake antivirus software. These sites try to get you to pay for the fake antivirus software, but these programs will only infect your computer further if you “buy” and install them. The Vundo virus will also slow your system down to a crawl and possibly make your system seize up. Programs like SysProtect, Storage Protector, AntiSpyware Master, and WinFixer are some of the rogue programs Vundo sends you to install. These sites will sell you “antivirus” software that not only takes your money, but also will further infect your computer with bundles of spyware and other malware. The Vundo Trojan has also been known to cause Denial of Service attacks to major websites such as Google.

Other symptoms of the Vundo Trojan virus, aside from the pop-ups, are that your background will get changed to the image of an installation window saying there is adware on your computer. Also, your screensaver will be changed to mimic the feared “Blue Screen of Death.” If you try to change back your background and screensaver, you will quickly find out that the background and screensaver tabs are missing because the Vundo virus changes their values in the operating system’s registry to the “hide” value. You can easily find the screensaver and background, but they will refuse to be deleted. Vundo will attempt to prevent you from removing the Vundo virus by disabling Task Manager or Windows Registry Editor. Another symptom of the Vundo virus is that your desktop icons and task bar may disappear, and then reappear after a short time. This can be aggravating if you are trying to run programs, as they will keep getting automatically aborted. Also, your web browser may be hijacked, taking you to rogue antivirus sites and preventing you from going to certain sites such as Hotmail, Google or Myspace.

The Vundo virus is a scary virus that is not only destructive, but is very hard to get rid of. The only way to effectively remove a Vundo Trojan–and to keep from getting one in the first place–is by using tried-and-true, top anti virus software.

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