Vitamins and Mineral Supplements For Alcoholics

Alcohol destroys more that it builds. That is why the addicts suffer health problems and cause worry to those who love them. A negative impact of drinking excessively is diminished body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Most people understand why these nutrients are useful to the body on a daily basis.

They facilitate the functioning of body hormones and enzymes.

Vitamins in particular sustain growth and healthy metabolism. Minerals on the other hand have very crucial functions to the body’s health. Many drinkers are not concerned about their body health than the next drink. It is the responsibility of everyone living with an addict to ensure they feed well.

Remember that some alcoholics do not eat food, as they should. If they choose food for themselves they may not necessarily go for the healthiest. That reduces their vitamins and mineral intake.

The toxic alcohol effect to the body overworks some body organs like the liver. Therefore more vitamins and minerals are required. Liver disease is common with many drinkers. Poor nutrition worsens the problem causing also amino acid imbalance. It also causes diminished storage of vitamins B6 and A, increased metabolism rate and so on.

Somebody taking care of an addict needs to understand these tips. Actually addicts experience more deficiencies including Vitamin D, K, C, B2 and others. Deficiencies of some of those vitamins might result to poor functioning of the brain and even cause severe damage.

When a person continues to drink excessively while eating healthy food it may not be enough. Vitamins and mineral supplements are recommended for alcoholics. They can work faster to restore health of an addict that if they eat food alone.

Despite that fact, supplements cannot equal natural vitamins and minerals from foods. Anyone interested in finding the supplements can easily do that.

A lot of information needs to be gathered concerning the choice of the right ones. The alcoholics must know about the dosage too. This is a very important point to consider because overdose can become toxic instead of improving the body health. The common benefits associated with Vitamins and mineral supplements include the following.

Supplements with minerals such as zinc and magnesium are very useful. That is because an alcoholic lacks the two minerals more than any other. Lack of the two minerals can cause really serious health problems. Such many include night blindness caused by lack of zinc.

Other problems related to inadequate minerals many include bone disease, unhealthy skin and others.

Supplements containing such minerals as iron and calcium are very imperative. Buy the alcoholic person supplements consisting of vitamin A. Heavy drinkers need to avoid the unnatural type.

Experts say that both alcohol and it can destroy the liver. Include Vitamin B6 and B and folic acid. These are very important in an alcoholic’s diet.

Other vitamins considered useful when taken as supplements include Vitamins E and C. According to reliable data online, nutritional vitamin and mineral supplements can even help them quit the habit.

A little bit of some juices added to the supplements can be of great help. In particular, Goji juice is believed to calm down violent alcoholics.