Virus Removal

Any malicious program such as virus, worm or Trojan horse can infect your computer system by affecting its performance. These program codes can cause several unexpected changes in your computer system ranging from slow system performance to a severe system crash. How to identify whether your computer system is infected with a virus attack?

Sign of Virus infection

You can easily identify when your computer system gets infected from viruses. Some of the signs of virus infections are enlisted herewith:

• Computer becomes very slow in performance.

• Sudden system crashes and computer reboots repeatedly.

• Application software crashes and random messages are displayed on the monitor.

If you find any of the above mentioned sign on your computer system, then there arises the probability of your computer being infected with viruses. The next step after detecting the presence of virus on your PC is to remove them from your system in order to save your important data. If your computer is not infected with any type of malicious software then it is strongly recommended to install antivirus software to keep it safe against the attacks.

Antivirus software

You can use antivirus software for removing viruses from your computer system. Antivirus software programs are intended for preventing, detecting and removing virus programs. You can choose from some of the best antivirus software like Norton, Avast, AVG and others, provided it has the feature of regular update. In case your antivirus software is not up-to-date, then it will not be able to protect your computer system from the most recent viruses and other infections.

System Restore is an element of Windows operating system which enables you to roll back system files, registry keys, and installed programs to a previous stable state. Operating system of your computer system creates restore point after installation of any software, or after 24 hours.

If there is a virus on your system at the time of creating the restore point, it will also become a part of it. Antivirus software is incapable to remove any virus program from system restore. In such case, you have to disable System Restore and then scan with latest antivirus software. After that, when your system gets disinfected from viruses, then re-enable System Restore.

So, you have to install updated antivirus software on your computer systems, if you want to keep it safe from any malicious program like viruses.

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