Video Resumes – Pros and Cons

In today’s world of such tough competition it is very difficult to get good jobs. But now it has become easier to some extent with the development of COMPUTER and INTERNET. There are various job sites where we can register ourselves so that recruiters can see our resumes. Another advancement in this field is video resume.

Video Resume is nothing but a short video created by a jobseeker for employment and which is uploaded on the internet for the recruiters to go through it. This video gives the recruiters the information about the individual’s skills, interests, experience. This is used as a supplement to a paper resume. A video resume can be created by a professional or an individual can create his own video. There are various job search and video resume networking sites like Jobster, Myworkster and RezBuzz which enable the jobseekers to include video resumes to their profiles.

A video resume is a way by which a jobseeker can show their capabilities in a better manner and it also helps the recruiters to feel the presence of the applicant. Recruiters can judge the professional abilities like presentation skills, communication skills, self projection skills and body language, etc.

Though video resumes are popular, there also has been a dark side to it according to the critics. Many recruiters say that video resumes do not provide proper evaluation of the applicant’s skills, potential, abilities, etc. One of  the major disadvantages is that in a video resume applicants show their color, race, belief and other information which gives rise to BIAS.

In order to get jobs jobseekers want to show their best to the employers. Thus, video resumes help the applicants to show their communication skills, presentation skills, self projection skills, body language and other abilities. But due to lack of awareness, technology barriers, lack of availability, etc the traditional resume remains the best choice for applying for jobs. Thus, we will have to constantly move forward and create awareness and impart knowledge about video resumes as it is an innovative way to present oneself.

Despite all drawbacks video resumes should be given preference as it is a new-age way of creating a resume. In near future with the development of technology, video resumes will definitely get importance. It can be said that it is the DIGITALIZED version of the paper resume.

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