Versailles, France Travel Information

Versailles is located at the western edge of Paris, the capital of France. It now belongs to the large metropolitan area of the Ile France region. Versailles is best known for being where King Louis XIV built his royal palace and gardens on the site of what was once the royal hunting lodge.

It is one of the major facts about Versailles that it is one of the richest neighborhoods in the area of Paris. The Palace of Versailles has been the area of many events of history, the best being the signing inside the Hall of Mirrors for the treaty of peace between Germany and the Allies. We have many More France Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The signing of the treaty that brought the First World War officially to an end is one of the most important historical events that took place at Versailles. This signing mirrored the 1871 proclamation of the German Empire under the Prussian King, later the Kaiser, which took place in the same long hall.

It is easy to get to the Palace on the train and you can buy tickets for the attractions when you get there. If you want to see one thing in particular or even if you just want to look around the huge gardens, that is the finest approach.

Also try the audio guide tour of the Chateau which is available in various languages from the several reception points within the palace and grounds. The audio tour is included also in the day pass price. During summer, there are many interesting activities like a train ride, rowing boat, and cycle hire too.

If your time is limited, and you are looking for a view of the entire estate, your best bet would be to try the mini train. The alternative is an hour walk, which does not include a trip to the two separate palaces. The mini train includes a break at the main canal, which includes both a restaurant and lighter fare. Alternative transportation rental was recently added in the form of golf carts for rent.

Several internet websites are various to information on the Eiffel Tower. It is built of iron and is on the Champ de Mars in Paris, and has become an icon of France and is one of the most recognized structures globally. There are also many fascinating pieces of information about Paris France. These facts about Paris are sure to aid a visitor learn more about France. We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.