Venezuela tourist attractions

Visitors to Venezuela have an option of a calming resort experience, a cultural metropolis break or riches of audacious actions. Whether they desire to experience any one, or all of the above, Venezuela has more than sufficient to present on all counts. Venezuela is bounded to the north by the Caribbean, to the east by Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by Brazil, and to the west and southwest by Colombia

One of the most splendid Venezuela tourist attractions is Caracas. Caracas is located in a striking valley on the north coast. It is Venezuela’s capital and is a busy city of nearly 5 million population. Speedy, progressive and multi ethnic, the city is now extremely ‘Yankeefied,’ keeping slight of the nature of its regal roots. While it brags some of the most extraordinary contemporary architecture in South America, Caracas is also abode to a huge span of ranchos, extensive slums of tin hut and cardboard boxes jacketing the nearby hills that are the creations of the unrestrained flow of postwar colonization. We have many more Caribbean Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Rio Orinoco is one of the most attractive Venezuela tourist attractions. The third longest river in South America, the Orinoco covers about 2150 km, from its origin near the Brazilian edge in the south of the country to its broad, flooded delta on the northeast coast. The myriad forested islands that build up the delta are house to the Warao natives, who reside on the riverbanks in abode on stilts, travel typically by canoe and make their living from fishing. At the reaches of the Lower Orinoco lies the location of Ciudad Bolivar (formerly Angostura), a hot city that shows off a magnificent past and still holds much of its regal appeal. It was here that Simon Bolivar set up his base for the concluding phase of the War of Independence, and the city became the temporary capital of the country earlier to freedom from the Spanish.

Salto Angel Falls is another exotic tourist attraction in Venezuela. Salto Angel Falls falls almost over kilometer. It is the leading magnetism of Canaima National Park. At 979 m it is the highest waterfalls in the world. The finest instance to see the falls is during the rainy season, between May and November. During the dry season the falls may be slight more than a trickle, which turns to mist by the time it, reaches the bottom.

Other famous tourist attractions of Venezuela include Amazon Jungle, Caribbean Coast, and the Andes. Amazon Jungle called the Amazonas is a place, which cannot be missed if visiting Venezuela. This area in the south of the country is thick with tropical rain forest, crisscrossed by rivers, and house to a numerous remote Indian tribes.

Caribbean Coast is the place to go for outdoor actions such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just lying about and enjoying the sun. The beaches here are idyllic with extended area of white sand lapped by pure blue waters and fringed with coconut palms. Isla de Margarita, 40km from the mainland, is a much loved for beach lovers and an accepted holiday target for Venezuelans and tourists from all over the world.

The Andes are spotted with small villages whose people still chase a customary way of life. The mountain also sports the most adventurous and energetic traveling experiences with eye catching views of the snow capped peaks. The lovely, gracious town of Merida, nestled in the mountains just 12 km from the country’s highest peak, Pico Bolivar, is one of Venezuela’s most popular tourist destinations. We have many more Caribbean Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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