Vemma Review – Is Vemma a Good Business Or a Scam?

Let us start this article by knowing what exactly Vemma is. Well, Vemma is a network marketing company related to the field of wellness and health. This is a company that provides a chance to people to become promoters or re-sellers of their products and services. Along with this option, most importantly, this company gives people the opportunity to consume the products produced by this company. As far as its marketing strategy goes, Vemma has gained immense popularity due to it. The ability of Vemma to attract professional sports teams to use, endorse and consume their products acts in its favor. Now, Vemma really looks like a really cool business opportunity! But is it really what it is said to be? Is Vemma rally a good business opportunity or is it just a scam like thousands of those floating in the market today?

The credit for the creation and maintenance of this firm named Vemma goes to the Boryeko family. It is the family that has continued to run this company with unwavering stability and pride. The parent organization of Vemma Products is New Vision. The owner of the firm is BK Boryeko who is also its acting President and CEO. BK Boryeko works in tandem with the other founders of the company- Karen Boreyko-Salmirs and Lauren Boreyko. The base of the company is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here the company has a lavish headquarters with the total area of the office and distribution centre well above 50,000 square foot.

Vemma is very well-known in the market for two products- the Mangosteen plus product, and the Verve energy drink. Major popularity has been brought to Vemma by its Verve energy drink. It is a very popular drink among masses all over the world. One reason why Verve is so loved is because it is very low on caffeine content. All in all, Verve is a money-spinner for Vemma.

It is actually the business of Vemma that is the point of controversy. As stated earlier, Vemma is a network marketing company. Thus, in such a company, the only way to earn money is by earning commissions by partnering and reselling their products, and recruiting other re-sellers. And the biggest problem seems to originate from what are known as ‘market recommendations’. Warm Marketing is something that will be preferred by most direct sales and network marketing companies. Warm Marketing encompasses talking to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who will listen about the product and opportunity. But this kind of strategy is seen to mostly lead to a lot of frustration and failure. Initially the distributor is very excited about his job. But then eventually he runs out of people to talk to and that is where all the trouble starts brewing. It leads to a lot of resource wastage thereby increasing the liability bills of the company.

Thus, Vemma is a good opportunity but only for a few select products. If you really want to go ahead with Vemma, you need to know how to leverage good marketing tools and techniques so that you can look for people beyond the warm market. And you can only achieve this via positioning and usage of advanced marketing tactics and technology.

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