Vacations in the Bahamas—a Complete Travel Guide

The Bahamas—A Geographical Overview

The Bahamas is a sovereign country located in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of about 2000 cays and 700 islands. Now, that’s a lot of cays and islands for a person to explore! Nevertheless, there are some prominent cays and islands that are frequently visited by tourists from across the world.  cay is a small, low island largely made of sand or coral while island is a contiguous area of land, smaller than a continent, totally surrounded by water.

Cay is a smaller version of an island usually a small place surrounded by water, while an island is relatively larger piece of land also surrounded by waters from all directions.

Featured Cays & Islands of the Bahamas

Some of the most prominent cays of Bahamas are as follows:

Map featuring the cays of the Bahamas


Water Cays

Cross Cays

Fish Cays

Pensacola Cays

Joe Downer Cays

Green Turtle Cay

Great Guana Cay

Man of War Cay

Snake Cay

Elbow Cay

Gorda Cay


Some of the most prominent islands of Bahamas are as follows:
Map featuring the islands of the Bahamas


The Abacos


Andros Island


Cat Island

Crooked Island


The Exumas

Grand Bahama

Great Inagua

Long Island


Sailing in the Bahamas

Something that sums up as an integral part of the vacations in the Bahamas is sailing across the beautiful cays and islands.

Now, some of us who are prone to sea sickness may not find sailing the most enjoyable experience.  Well, that’s the last thing that must stop you from sailing in the Bahamas as there are many short boat trips that you can go for to escape the sea sickness problem. 

Now, before you venture into a full-fledged boating trip in the Bahamas you might want to consider the options you would have with this respect. There are different types of boating trips you can opt for. You can either sail in a Crewed Yacht Charter in case you do not own a boat or you could sail on a personally owned boat if you posses excellent sailing skills.         

The weather in the Bahamas remains conducive for sailing throughout the year making it a brilliant holiday destination.

Marinas in the Bahamas

Marina is a small harbor where small boats such as Yachts receive supplies before it leaves for its voyage. The only difference between a Marina and a port is that unlike the Marina, a port caters to the requirements of larger ships.

Some of the popular Marinas in Bahamas are:

  • Marinas On Nassau/Paradise Island
  • Marinas On Grand Bahama Island
  • Marinas On The Abacos
  • Marinas On Andros
  • Marinas On The Berry Islands
  • Marinas On Bimini
  • Marinas On Cat Island
  • Marinas On Eleuthera & Harbour Island
  • Marinas On The Exumas
  • Marinas On Inagua
  • Marinas On Long Island
  • Marinas On Rum Cay
  • Marinas On San Salvador


Your journey to the Bahamas would definitely be an experience that you will cherish all your life. The crystal clear waters, colorful marine life, beautiful boats and friendly locals are something that would make you come back to the Bahamas over and over again!


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