Vacation in Alibaug

Alibaug or Alibag or Alibagh is little lovely seaside area of Maharashtra in the Raigad Section in the Konkan location of Maharashtra. The location drops on en path to Goa from Mumbai and is known for its islands. Alibaug likes quite reputation among the vacationers range especially the people of Maharashtra who go to this wonderful beachfront location for little bust on saturdays and sundays or any other trip.

Alibagh has reasonable connection to other areas of the nation either immediately or in a roundabout way. There is no terminal or even train place situated in Alibagh and hence vacationers have to use the features of Panvel train place situated 85 km away and Roha train place situated 50 km away. Aside that there are normal lines handled by the MSRTC and personal employees attaching Alibagh to various areas in Maharashtra and nearby expresses. We have many More Best Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The most exciting and also the desired way of getting to Alibag is through the boat and catamaran solutions available from the Trip of Indian, that is a n exciting vacation of nearly two time getting you to Rewas from where a bus requires vacationers to Alibag. The boat vacation is all comprehensive of the bus vacation. The boat solutions are stopped during the monsoons that is from May to July.

Apart from that the roadways to Alibag are a attractive invites for an exciting and wonderful vacation, with sleek roadways to trip upon and wonderful places and sceneries to cure your face upon.Alibag formerly known as ‘Kulaba’, has an exciting tale behind its new name, that is that there was a wealthy man in the metropolis known as Bene Israelite Ali who owned and operated many farms of mangoes, coconuts in his home gardens, which people called Alichi bagh depending on which was the new name made.

There are many resorts in Alibag that offer vacationers awesome and relaxed resorts including the extremely luxurious resorts to the finances resorts and houses continues to be. For example the Radisson Destination and Spa, Tropicana Destination, Ghanvatkar Bungalow, Arte Holiday cottage, Meera Madhav Resort, Suryadaya Vacation Residences, etc.

There is not much to do in Alibaug apart from the islands, the most common of which is the Murud-Jajira. Other islands of Alibaug contain Alibaug Beach, Kihim Beach, Akshi Beach, Nagao Beach, Korlai Beach, Mandwa Beach and many others.So whether it’s the search and fine sand or the relaxing ambiance that attracts you go to this wonderful area in Maharashtra and just sit again and rest the sluggish afternoons or just celebration the night away. We have many More Best Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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