Using Jumping Stilts to Get Fit

Spring is about over. Could you stand to drop a few pounds?

If you’ve already determined you intend on getting fit so you can wear the new bathing suit, but know countless hrs spent at the gym are going to be boring and take time away from what you want to be out doing, we have a brand new extreme sports product that nearly assures you get fit and enjoy the process.

The product is called Air-Trekker Jumping stilts. Jumping Stilts apparently are taking the USA by force among the 15- 25 year old extreme sports gangs but we’ve found “older, health sensible men and women who are bored with of the gym and are looking for novel ways of exercising” are buying these units. WHY? “They are are just a lot of fun, and with the fun comes incredible physical fitness.”

There are a a couple of licensed brands in the USA, and the brands are similar, so check around for the most affordable and the best quality. And after a short learning curve adapting to the realization you are standing 18″ off the ground, you will find yourself bouncing, running and leaping around like an 8 year old very quickly.

Youngsters around the country have been utilizing their skateboard, snowboard, wake board and trampoline skills and performing all their dangerous, big air tricks on jumping stilts. “It’s like having a trampoline lashed to your feet……you can perform anyplace.” But the hidden benefit is remarkable cardiovascular and core muscle development.

Why spend an hour running when you can maintain an optimum heart rate quickly, without ever having to leave your front yard. 5-10 minutes of exercising on jumping stilts will boost your heart rate up as high as you want. Calories will be burning with only three five minute sessions per week and you’ll be making your legs stronger and increasing lung capacity. Along with burning those nasty calories you’ll be shedding that extra weight that has been hanging onto your mid-section.

Although an excellent alternative to treadmills and boxersize classes, the most remarkable benefit of exercising on jumping stilts is leg and core muscle development. Getting to the gym every day and putting yourself through the whole workout routine is tough to commit to.

Arms, chest, and back are fairly easy to stay committed too because the results are so noticeable but it’s much easier to forget the aerobic part that is also important. Enter jumping stilts. If you want to tone your waistline, buttocks and legs, easily and quickly, jumping stilts may be the product you should try.

Each bound takes exertion of the quads and buttocks, so as you are running or leaping around having fun, your are performing unique exercises to condition and tone your legs and midriff. Users, even jocks with muscular legs, have noticed that their legs feel “like noodles” after the first few sessions.

“Jumping stilts offer a type of exercise you just don’t find anywhere else. I thought I was in great shape and I bragged to you that my legs were strong………but I was amazed how jumping stilts took my leg strength to the next level. This new strength helps me in all my sporting activities.” J.S. Conn

One final benefit of exercising on jumping stilts is when you compound the cardiovascular and the strength exercise, the physical results are dramatic. You’ll see all your muscles in your quads explode. Your butt will take on a rounder, harder figure. You’ll notice how tight all the muscles around your waist have got.

Not just the six pack in the front, but all the muscles that are located in your midsection. That belt size will shrink faster than you can say jumping stilts. It happens fast because the exercise is so unique. As they say – when you “shock” your body with a new exercise you see and feel results very quickly.

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