Using Gel Nails During Pregnancy, Safe or Not

Is it safe to use gel nails while you are pregnant, so long as you take a safety when having them applied and removed? Gel nails are used as a gel or liquid to the nail. They are set using a UV ray or ultraviolet lamp or by brushing or spraying a curing chemical on the gel. The primary chemicals in gel nails are methacrylate monomers. There is long list of methacrylate monomers, most of which are perfectly safe to apply. However, one type called methyl methacrylate monomer, or MMA should not be used. It is a whole idea to avoid MMA whether you pregnant or not.

MMA can disturb your skin, eyes as well as lungs, also, can cause allergic reactions. It has been banned in many states in the USA but still it is available in the UK, although it has been widely replaced. However, many small budget nail salons still use gel nails containing MMA because it is much cheaper than safer alternatives. If you want to have gel nails applied, you have to make it sure that you go to a reputed salon. You should check exactly which chemicals your nail salon used. Salon staff should be happy to tell you about all the products they are using.


Gel nails give off fumes when they are used and while they are setting. These could make you feel nauseous, especially if you face morning sickness. You need to check that the nails are applied in a well-ventilated room, or you need to wait until you feel better to have them applied.
During pregnancy, your skin becomes more sensitive. This means that you may be more likely to have an adverse reaction to SNS powder gel nails, or develop a fungal or bacterial infection in or around your beautiful nails. Pregnancy makes you nails powerful and longer, so if you are thinking about a reaction or infection, you can always go non-artificial. Unlike duplicate nails, gel nails need to be removed by either soaking or filing. If your nails are soaked off, acetone named chemical is used. Acetone is used to remove standard nail polish. However, unlike normal nail polish, gel nails have to be in contact with acetone for up to 20 minutes to remove the get.

There is a tiny information about how safe this is during pregnancy. Soit is a wise idea to be caution and follow these tips. You should use gel nail sparingly during your pregnancy. Always use new nail polish during the pregnancy or go for a natural look between treatment. Ask the salon staffs to take the minimum digit of time needed to let the acetone do its task. You must need to check that your nails are removed in a ventilated area with fully opened windows or air conditioning. If you are doing all removing works by your own, you should use cotton pads soaked in acetone to your nails instead of soaking your nails in a bowl. This will help to reduce your skin contact with the chemical which may harm you.
If you work as a nail expert, apply and removing gel nails may not be safe for you during the time of your pregnancy. Being exposed to fumes every day may make you feel not well. Most importantly, it could also increase your risk of miscarriage or have a baby with defects from birth.
AT last your employer has to make it sure that your health and your baby’s health are saved when you at work. Inform them to carry out a risk assessment for you. If you run your trade, you could ask colleagues to take over some of your jobs while you are pregnant. If you do apply or remove gel nails, you should take the following safety. You need to use a face mask and rubber gloves to save yourself from any chemical. Also, you should work near any window to get proper ventilation and at last, take regular breaks for fresh air.

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