Useful and Simple Tips for Make-up: the Lip Color

Women often want to find that fabulous lip color that has a nice shine and stays on really well. They will love it most if it stays on through everything: drinking, eating (even foods with oil), smooching. But the reality is that paying a high price did not necessarily buy what we are satisfied. For example, we often make the color of our lip the same to our Tiffany jewelry, but finally it is disappointed for us to find that only our jewelery is left, the tip totally have no special color.

According to Jane Hollenberg, a US cosmetics consultant, those lipsticks with a “transfer-resistant” formula is likely to last longest.

Transfer-resistant lipsticks, which developed in the early 1990s, “are high in volatile oil and about 40 percent of it evaporates quickly,” she said, “leaving behind a film in your lips that’s mostly color, wax and only very little oil. So it applies smoothly, but sets and dries on your lips.”

Yet this problem complained by customers most. We can often hear people around us saying, “I’m hard on lipstick. I tend to eat it off. I had tried some long-lasting lipsticks, but they didn’t stay on long. If I don’t eat off the lipstick, I usually wipe it off because my lips start to feel yucky.” “The lipstick I used can make lips dry feeling and sometimes flaky.” The reason is that these lipsticks don’t offer moisturizing protection.

To make your lip color last, Experts suggest:
1) Let your lips go for several days before a big event or date. You can gently scrub them with a toothbrush to clean them first. Then every night before you sleep you can apply thick layer of moisturizing lip balm. This will make them tender.
2) Use a light flat lip color – it is more likely to last long than the heavy colored ones.
3) Before use the lipstick, choose a lip liner which color is close to your complexion and line your lips first and then fill in them. This will give your lipstick another base to adhere to.
4) Use a makeup sealant together with the lipstick. Apply it on top of the lipstick and it will help to decrease the evaporation.
5) Reapply the gloss if possible. Before meals, apply some clean powder on your lips and the area around your mouth.

In this way, the lip color should last eight to ten hours, even through meals and kisses.

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