UpSide Card – Prepaid Visa

The UpSide card is a prepaid visa issued through MetaBank. You must first load money before you can make purchases with your card.

This was created as an alternative to a checking account. You can use direct deposit which is the most common method to deposit money, this is free. You also will have access to an online check writing service.

To use this you must log into your online account. Next, you provide the name of the business or person you want to pay, the address, the amount, and the date you want the payment sent.

Next a check in your name will be mailed and your bill will be paid. This can be more convenient than going to the store, waiting in line, purchasing a money order, a stamp and then mailing a payment.

There is no credit check or chexsystems check for this offer. You can sign up for email alerts about your account activity. Additionally when you log into your account online there is real time reporting on your activity.

Unlike many banking institutions where it can take up to 2 days before a purchase or transaction is posted to your account, which can lead individuals into financial trouble. With the UpSide Visa card you will know exactly how much money you have available. And you will never be charged an overdraft fee, or any interest charges.

If direct deposit is not an option for you to load funds you can load cash at many retailers nationwide. One benefit that could prove very beneficial is if you want you can have a second companion card added to your account.

This would be ideal for any loved ones that you help financially be it; a child, teenager, elderly family member, disabled loved one, or just a loved one going through a difficult time. Of course it makes it very easy to monitor their spending through your online account.

While we do believe the UpSide Card is a good prepaid offer. It is vitally important to make sure you do your homework and read all the fine print as terms, conditions, and fees will vary.

It will be accepted online and over the phone. You can also use it to purchase gas at the pump and rent a card. Should you need cash you can request ‘cash back’ after you make a purchase or you can visit an ATM. However there is a limit on your daily withdrawal limit of $500, which is not unusual.

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