Unique Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat – Cardiovascular Workouts – Very Powerful

It is not necessary that one should step in to gymnasiums to get rid of physical disorders requiring workouts. Simple and equipment-less exercises which are good enough to strain and tear the muscle areas containing excessive fats are available. We have many more Cardiovascular Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

Vacuum pose and suck in methods

Though the sit ups and the push ups are good for reducing belly fats, they become useless once one gets rid of belly fats. The vacuum pose would help body much better as well as cures belly fat problems. The vacuum pose is a physical movement but controlled by mind which gets into deeper abdominal muscles. This is an attempt to shrink the belly artificially for few seconds. This must be done for five to ten minutes a day by holding the same posture of sucking in the belly for 20 seconds at the least. The results given by this exercise are phenomenal. Belly fat can be reduced to 1.5 to 3 inches at once.

Plank wood

This is another simple exercise which can be done in flat surfaces. The workout is referred to as plank as the body shape would resemble a wooden plank. It is similar to a push up position where hands should be kept near the belly area. The palm should be facing the floor and the entire body weight should be put in the hands which are in turn supported by belly area. Holding this position for few minutes a day would drastically reduce the belly fats. Doing the exercise in a hurry and doing in rough surface is thoroughly not advisable.

Cardio vascular workouts

The following workouts will definitely help in reducing nearly 150 calories a day.

Rope Jumping: Nominal length of rope should be selected based on the ability to cope with physical exercises. While doing this skipping like jump exercises care should be taken that one should land on his upper part of the heels. By thinking much positive that weight is to be reduced, a mental boost is attained. This is indeed a mark in the process of attaining the desired results.

Body Twists: Hands should be kept straight with eyes looking the nails. Slowly and steadily one should rotate his trunk towards either side of the body. Care should always be taken that exercise should be carried out slowly so that the part under subjection experiences maximum strain. While turning around, one should breathe out and vice versa. The body trunk alone should turn around and the legs should be at a stand still. Performing this for fifteen minutes a day on both sides will give a strain good enough to reduce the belly fats. We have many more Cardiovascular Workout Routine Articles Now Available.