Uninstall Ultra Defragger – How to Remove the Ultra Defragger Virus

Ultra Defragger is a fake defragmentation and hard drive optimization software. It scans your PC and alerts you of the many problems found on your system, urging you to quickly pay for a ‘full version’ for ‘full protection.’ Unfortunately, the hackers who created this bogus malware have no intention of protecting you. They would, however, like to make your PC more vulnerable to more viruses and identity theft. The risks of having badware on our computer is the reason we have to remove Ultra Defragger as quickly as possible.

If you’re wondering ‘What is Ultra Defragger, and how did I get it?’ Then the answer for you is that this spyware is normally downloaded via a spam e-mail message or a streaming video codec. The result is you can’t run your normal programs, and your web searches are redirected. Your PC slows down to a crawl and you’re at serious danger of attracting further viruses, putting yourself and your files at risk.

So How Do I Get Rid of Ultra Defragger?

You can do so manually or automatically. The manual method involves tinkering with your PC registry folders. This type of system editing is only recommended for experts, because a small error on your behalf can result in system failure or expensive repair bills. Having said that, if you are a PC expert, then you’ll need to delete the infected DLL files, kill the related processes, delete the registry keys in your HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder associated with the virus, delete the related files and folders, and block the malicious websites. You can find the full list of files on my website.

Automatic removal takes less than 10 minutes and most importantly, protects you in the future while you surf the net or download attachments. I recommend four programs in particular because they are lightweight and effective. I’m a PC technician, and I still prefer automatic removal.

Sick of worrying about the security of your files and your personal safety? Remove Ultra Defragger right away and regain your peace of mind.

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