Ultimate Abs Exercise

Those who want to achieve a perfectly sculpted midsection will have a difficulty in choosing the “best” workout for them. With all those abs workouts floating around the multimedia world, choosing which workout exercise is best will be a little tricky.

Remember that the trick here is to perform exercises that work with the core to target all muscles at once. Also, try to trick the body into giving new ways to adapt the workout sessions.
You can do all sorts of exercises from stability balls to bodyweight but once your body gets used to the exercise routine, the whole program is useless. It is time to switch to another routine.

The progression of your abdominal workout should start from stable floor work to unstable surface routines with weight lifts. The progression aims you to get used to exercising first and then later when it becomes more unstable, it challenges your balance which puts all your muscles into play in the core. This way, your muscles are being challenged.

Take crunches, sit ups, and leg raises as examples. First, you perform these on a stable ground. Afterwards, you do them with a plank, then with a stability ball, then with added weights. Body weight exercises are progressed from front planks and side planks to one arm planks in the frontal and side planes.

To make the “ripped” abdominal muscles more visible, try to do a set of weighted movements. Suggestions include doing weighted abs crunches with cables or on a stability ball with a heavy dumbbell.

Be sure to perform these unstable exercise techniques on a full stretch. Like when you are crunching, you must make your upper abs be close to your lower abs as possible. This way, you get the repetitions maximize the fat burning and muscle development.

If you do not want to create a bulky image, do not perform weighted side bends. This exercise widens your waist instead of making your frame lean.

Hip flexion exercises should be done at the first part of the workout. It is true that the exercise specifically targets the lower abs only but you can’t separate one muscle group from the other so, this exercise also hits the whole abs muscle groups as a whole.

To give a little force on the lower area, try doing progressions of leg raises. Do it on a floor then later on a stability ball or with weights.

At this point, you may want to consider the frequency of your abs workouts. The important rule here is to do it as frequently as you can as long as the abdominal muscles have recovered from the strain. It is however better if you start your abs workout if it the muscles are the weakest because this will give a chance for the muscles to work more. Be cautious in pushing your limits though. You must know when to stop and start the exercise routine.

All the abs exercises will be futile if you don’t incorporate the other rules: proper diet, elimination of vices, and calorie intake plus weight training and cardio exercises are also important in achieving that chiseled abs.

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