Two Things You Need to Get Fit – You Won’t Find Them at the Gym!

Fitness boot camps for women are full of people who want to be fit, shapely, well toned, or a particular dress size. They come to weight loss boot camps because they want the discipline and super challenging workout to stimulate real change in their bodies. While they are definitely on to something since boot camps do produce some dramatic results for many people, many of them are missing two very important aspects of getting fit.

It turns out getting in shape and losing weight isn’t all about whom you train with or how many times a day you hit the gym in a given week. There are two other things that you simply cannot succeed without and they are not in a gym. They are inside you! We have many more Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

#1: A solid understanding of why you want and need to get fit.

You can attend as many weight loss boot camps as you want, but if you aren’t in touch with your deepest reasons for making these changes in your life you won’t push your hardest and see the best possible results. Just wanting to be a size six or fit into your teenage daughter’s blue jeans isn’t enough.

What are the real reasons you want to lose weight? Why do you need to get your body in shape? Dig deep into what is motivating you to make changes in your life and you are more likely to stick with the changes long term.

For instance, if you are attending daily fitness boot camps for women because you want to wear a particular sized dress at an upcoming wedding you aren’t likely to push as hard as if you know in your mind that you are in these weight loss boot camps because you are having difficulties chasing after your small children and you want to participate in life more with them.

Those children and the desire to be active with them comes straight from the heart and will always motivate you more than a dress size. Also, attending fitness boot camps for women just to be smaller for an upcoming event increases your chances of dropping out once the event has occurred and you have no motivation to lose more.

Get down to the real reasons you want and need to lose the weight. It should come from the heart and have significant emotional meaning to you.

#2: Determination to reach your goals at all odds.

It doesn’t matter what may be motivating you at the time you first join fitness boot camps for women. There are going to be days you just don’t want to go. You are going to get tired out. You are going to have major stress in your life that serves to distract you.

What is going to get you to those weight loss boot camps regardless of everything else going on in your life? Not motivation… determination! We have many more Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

Motivation is going to come and go, but your determination to reach your goals and push through the hard spots is what will make you one of the winners that actually complete a cycle of weight loss boot camps. That is a much better group to be in than those that drop out of weight loss boot camps and later regret it!