Trying To Get A Job? Do Away With These Job Interview Booboos

Whether you like it or not, you have to be careful of how you project yourself during those crucial job interviews. Irritating habits like twirling your mustache when you’re talking to friends should be dumped fast. Annoying habits distract tired interviewers and will cost job applicants their chances of being hired.

The Job Interview Booboos

During job interviews, job applicants commit deadly slip-ups. Some go to the job interview inappropriately garbed, chew gum to calm their nerves, and sometimes project that self-assurance verging on the brazen. Others are so petrified that they barely squeak out their replies and cannot make eye-contact.

Some interview snafus to avoid are not knowing the interviewer’s name, not knowing anything about the company, smoking, arriving late for the interview, answering the question before it is completed, sitting down before you are offered to take a seat, using too much hand gestures, bad mouthing previous employers – the list goes on and on.

The Job Interview

The interview is handled by the company’s Human Resource division. In small or medium-sized businesses, the business owner usually tackles the job. Whether you are applying for a job at McDonalds’ or at the neighborhood’s Mom ‘n Pop grocery, be prepared.

The job interview determines the applicant’s potential and ability to work well with a team, to cope under stress, and to understand written and oral instructions.

The interviewer has a set of questions, which are followed up with inquiries adapted to each interviewee’s unique circumstance. These may be innocuous, but these are actually probing queries designed to check out the applicants’ capabilities for the vacant slot in the company or establishment. Hence, you have to be ready for these questions, so do your homework before the big day.

Before the Interview

The first thing in your “to-do” list should be a review of your application letter and resume. For those in-between jobs and have worked for several companies, expect that the interviewer will ask why they have resigned from the other companies. New job entrants like you will be quizzed on their academic records and previous training for the post.

Whatever the questions, give honest answers. For each lie you give, you’ll be hard-put trying to remember the answers you gave and you’ll get caught in the web of your deceit. Job interviewers are masters at the game and know how to read your body language, so beware.

These are a few examples of questions that maybe asked from those in-between jobs:

* Why can’t you stay in a job for longer than two or three years?
* What makes you think the job is for you?
* What can you contribute if you are hired?
* How did you get along with your previous employers and co-workers?

For fresh college graduates or first time job seekers, these questions are likely to crop up:

* Why should we hire you?
* Why have you selected this company?

Another thing you should include in your to-do list is to know important facts about the company. Knowing some company processes and services, and even the name of the company’s proprietor, can give you a boost. Should the interviewer ask what you know about the company, you’re ready.

Choose a comfortable outfit and shoes. Don’t wear all your jewelry. Take a look at yourself in the mirror in your “professional outfit” and observe how you project yourself while walking, sitting down, and using your hand gestures. You can take along one of your leather business card cases in case the interviewer asks for your calling card. The best advice? Always build up your resume and match your answers with what you’ve stated on paper.

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