Tropical Bali Vacation

Bali, an island located in South East Asia near Indonesia, has been a tourists hot spot for years. Being an island, and blessed with its pristine beaches, naturally the biggest portion of tourism is beach related. The population of this country is about 3 million, and the locals are well known throughout the world for being very friendly and welcoming. The tourist season starts in June and peaks around August. This is when surfers and other ocean enthusiast come from all over the world and descend on its beaches.

Even though there are plenty of choices for accommodations such as beach side shacks to 5 star hotels, a popular way to stay in Bali is in a villa. This is especially true for people who are planning to stay in one location for extended periods of time. There are plenty of villas available in all of the popular destinations, such as Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur. We have many more Bali Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Bali villas are also available at non-beach locations such as Ubud. Renting a villa also makes more sense if you are traveling with the whole family and friends. The bottom line is, if you are traveling in a group and planning on staying for a while, then staying in a villa will be cheaper on the long run, not to mention more comfortable.

These villas are not stand alone cottages, that leave vacationers to fend for them selves. The villas will have their own staff such as cooks, security guards and sometimes a chauffeur. It all depends on the cost of the villa. Not only that, the villas will have other amenities such as cable television and internet. All of this will be included in the total price. Bali villas can be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Before choosing on a villa, you will need to decide where the location of it should be.

Sanur and Kuta have most of the beach villas. The villas located here tend to be more up market. Areas such as Lovina will have cheaper beach villas available. However, no matter where it is located, cost of Bali villas will depend mostly on size, location, time of year and so on. We have many more Bali Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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