Trojan Vundo Removal – How to Remove Trojan Vundo

Trojan Vundo is a trojan that is not easily removed by conventional anti virus products. You will experience your anti virus informing you that trojan vundo has been detected but you will be unable to remove it after scanning and rebooting your computer a few times.

Trojan Vundo has many variations. The common one which infects many computers has the following sympton. When you boot up your computer and access the Internet with Internet Explorer, you will see multiple random ads appear. New tabs are opened and this causes your PC to use up resources to cater to these Ads. If you have a slow computer that has installed many programs, this can bring your surfing experience to a crawl, as your PC has to share resources not only displaying the webpage you’re trying to visit, but those of the pop up ads as well.

The other Trojan Vundo variations are more dangerous because they can leave your computer open to back door type infections. Back door basically means a hacker can now install a Key Logger Trojan on your computer, which detects password type sites and is able to phish your password and user name, then storing it on their database.

That is why some usernames and passwords are compromised and posted to warez sites. If your credit card and ss number is compromised, this could lead to identity theft where online scammers use it to make purchases over the internet.

Safety rules to avoid Trojan Vundo is not to open file attachments that do not look familiar to you. Even from someone that you know, its better to delete the file if the file does not look safe. Some emails say, “hey check this out”. Once you double click on the file, the Trojan Vundo is installed, and your computer has been compromised.

Trojan vundo requires a good updated trojan scanner to remove. Obsolete and free scanners will often inform you that Trojan Vundo was detected and unfortunately not able to remove because of the many heuristic variations of this trojan.

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