Trojan Vundo Removal – Does Vundofix Actually Work?

If you get infected with Trojan Vundo, removal of it often becomes a very difficult task. You will probably find that a lot of people will suggest that you can get rid of it by downloading and running VundoFix, but does it really work? You might be surprised to learn the truth.

Vundo is one the most common spyware infections making its rounds onto computers all over the world, and it is also one of the most difficult to get rid of. It consists of a Trojan downloader that will download and display popup advertisements over and over again but it has also been known to download and install more malicious files that can cause much more harm to your computer. If you suspect you are infected with this pesky spyware, what should you do?

Many people will tell you (most of which are unqualified to be offering spyware removal advice) that you can do any combination of the following things – install and run Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware, and if that doesn’t fix it there is a tool written specifically to remove Vundo called VundoFix that is supposed to do the trick if the others fail.

The only problem with this type of advice is that it never works.

Go ahead and check your favorite spyware or security forum or group and look and see if anybody has successfully completely removed Vundo using any or all of the above recommendations. I guarantee you will not find one. You will find someone who thinks he may have gotten rid of it, but lab tests have proven time and time again that simple free spyware removers and Vundofix do not completely eliminate this frustrating Trojan downloader because they cannot stay current with its dynamic nature – it is constantly changing and downloading new files so you’ll simply be left fighting a never ending battle.

What you need is a spyware removal tool that does 2 things:

1. Is proactive in scanning your computer with real time protection

2. Scans your computer against a spyware definitions database that is frequently updated

Using antispyware software that does not incorporate these two crucial features will only prolong the agony you are experiencing trying to completely rid your computer of Vundo.

So if you get infected with it or suspect you might be infected with it, remember that Trojan Vundo removal can be one of the most difficult tasks you partake in, unless you follow my advice and use a spyware remover with the two features listed above – you’ll be glad you did.

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