”Treatment Of Prostate Cancer ”

Diagnosis Of Prostate Cancer

Have you recently experienced pains in the lower back , urgent and frequent need to urinate specially at night ,or if you see blood in your urine or in your semen you could be suffering from prostate cancer or prostatitis ( prostatitis is a term used for any of the disorders associated with prostate ) .

The mistake most people make is to ignore the problem until it becomes worse , it is always better to be diagnosed with a problem than to live in denial.

Once you ascertain the above conditions you should visit your physician as soon as possible because the farther you delay the less chances you have surviving .

Your physician will most probably start with PSA baseline test and check your recent medical history to start off then he will next conduct a Digital Rectal Examination to check if their is cancer present in the prostate , then Prostate Specific Antigen blood test will follow , this test is done to ascertain the level of proteins in the blood called Prostate Specific Antigen , if it being produced in excess then possibly cancer is present in the prostate.

After performing the above tests if cancer is suspected then a biopsy is performed to take a tissue sample from the prostate to find out if the tumor is cancerous or not .

If prostate cancer is found out you do not have to panic because it is very much controllable all you have to do is make lifestyle changes and remember if one man can do it everyone can . Take a leaf out of Lance Armstrong he won Tour De France after defeating cancer .

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