Transunion Dispute – How to

For you to dispute and remove an item on your credit report with TransUnion you must file a dispute. This is done through creating a letter yourself or hiring a credit repair service to do it on your behalf.

You need to know that you must dispute an item with each credit bureau. If you fail to do this and only dispute TransUnion then your Experian and Equifax credit report will still show the item.

In a dispute letter the disputed item must be identified and a reason as to why the item is wrong. For example; not my account, account paid, item is out of date, and etcetera.

When TransUnion gets your dispute they will conduct an investigation. During which the lender is contacted and asked to verify the dates, the account, and the balance.

If TransUnion is unable to verify the item then they must remove it from your credit report. It is common for an investigation to result in the removal of an item from your credit report.

If your account is verified by the lender then if you have a service this can be very beneficial. A service is able to use advanced dispute techniques to remove items. These techniques are; escalated dispute information requests, creditor direct intervention, and debt validation.

Many people are concerned with credit repair being legal or not. Credit repair is in fact legal the Fair Credit Reporting Act that Congress passed gives the consumer the right to dispute any item on their credit report that they feel is inaccurate.

We suggest you save all copies of your communication with TransUnion. In addition we discourage you from disputing items online or over the phone. We have found this to be an ineffective method of disputing bad credit items.

In addition you should know that the 100 word statement is never a good thing to fill out. In the past this statement was used to explain why a negative item occurred.

Today it is very rarely looked at by lenders and is more often used by the bureaus. The bureaus see this as an admission of guilt and will ignore any letters you send to dispute and remove this item; your letters will be deemed frivolous.

In sum to dispute an item with TransUnion you must create a dispute letter or have a service do it on your behalf. You do not have to just live with blemishes on your credit report they can be removed before seven years ticks away.

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