Training for Size – Muscle Building Vs Strength Building

Building muscle is all about increasing the strength of your muscles and therefore the size. However, bodybuilding is more focused on volume, compared with strength training which focuses on increasing the strength each week. This article will discuss which is best for increasing the size of your muscles.

When you look at bodybuilders and compare them to strength trainers you will see that both have significant amounts of muscle mass. Even though they train in different ways they both increase the size of their muscles. For strength trainers the muscle size is a by product. It is well know that an increase in strength is directly proportional to the amount of muscle you have. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

This doesn’t mean your muscles will be bigger. This means you will have more muscle mass. Strength trainers tend to have very dense and strong muscle mass, where as bodybuilders have larger but not as dense muscles. This is due to the way they train.

Bodybuilders lift slightly lighter weights for higher reps and more overall sets. This causes the amount of fluid within the muscles to increase and therefore increase the size of the muscles. Strength trainers lift lower reps with heavy weights, this causes the actual muscle fibres to increase in quantity, creating a strong and denser looking muscle.

Therefore to train for overall size bodybuilding will be the best option. However, this will create a big bulky look and less defined muscles. For the best results you should aim to incorporate both types of training into your regime.

A way in which you can do this is by training in cycles. Train like a bodybuilder for a couple of months, then have a weeks rest, then train like a strength trainer for a couple of months.

Another way is to combine both methods in the same workout. This can be achieved by lifting heavy weights with high volume. Select a few big compound exercises and pack on a lot of weight, lift it for low reps, then lift them repeatedly for at least 5 sets per exercises. This will give you the strength stimulation; while at the same time create volume within your workouts – creating the best overall muscle development and growth.

Combining both types of training give you the best results. After trying both you can also see which one your body responds best to. Sometimes cycling one on and off is the best approach too. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

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