Tourist Tips For Rome

Rome is one of Europe’s most visited cities and quite rightly so. With such a large number of attractions on offer it’s easy to see the appeal. The only problem is that many visitors feel overwhelmed by the various attractions and fail to plan their time in the city to get the best out of their surroundings.

One of the most popular attractions is the restaurants selling genuine Italian fare. To find these, ignore the tourist traps – easily identified by the large signs and menus that have been translated into many languages with pictures to accompany all meals. These are also the restaurants which employ people to wander the streets and attempt to convince you to eat at their place. So whether you want to try authentic pizza, calzone or your favourite pasta dish be sure to look for the most Italian of the Italian eating spots.

The majority of attractions are in the centre of the city and within easy walking distance. To save money, ditch the need for a hire car, taxi or public transport and take to the city on foot. Not only is this free and healthy, it means you can see more of the ‘real Rome’ without becoming bogged down in the heavy suburban traffic.

Public transport in Rome isn’t as good as other major cities – the underground train system cannot be improved or developed because of archaeological reasons and with many of the streets narrow, cobbled and winding it’s hard for buses to service the whole city. If you do feel the need for transport, look to hire a scooter.

Many of the attractions in the city are free as well – you can even get right up the Colosseum, perhaps the most famous of them all – without paying a thing.

If you’re going as part of a group it’s a good idea to take a mobile phone that allows you to make calls in Italy. Many travel guides warn about the pickpockets in Rome so it may be wise to buy a cheap phone and pay as you go SIM rather than risk losing a top of the range smartphone.

Rome is an easy city to get lost in, so if any of your group does go walkabout then each having a phone makes it easy to get in touch and organise a time to meet back at whichever of the Rome hotels you’re staying in. Alternatively, if the separation happens early in the day it means you can get in touch to make sure you meet at the next site on the itinerary and avoid having a wasted day.

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