Tourist Attractions in Galicia Spain

Galicia is a famous place in entire Spain for its many rivers and it is popular as “the land of thousand rivers”. All these rivers flow from all regions, including both, the mountainous and the coastal areas. The coastal areas in Galicia are very different, ranging from some fine beaches like El Molino, to some dangerous areas with cliffs like Costa de la Muerte, referred as the “death Coast”.

The environment of Galicia remains tempered during winters, with a lot of rains and some low temperature. During summers, the temperature remains near twenty degree Celsius. Galicia has variety of plains and the area of Rias Baxias is worth visiting for many historical preserves, balnearies like A Toxa and other places. The domestic plains of Galicia have many landscapes, which are very green and many villages with romantic atmosphere. We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Celtics were the first inhabitants of Galicia, as there are many remains of their culture found in the area. There are many other landmarks, too, belonging to other civilizations, like Roman, who left this area with many historical monuments including the famous Lugo walls, Ourense Bridge and the popular Hercules Tower. Traces of medieval age civilizations are clearly visible in the form of Saint James Tomb in Galicia. Santiago de Compostela is the famous new town, where hundreds of pilgrims visit the cathedral every year.

Galicia is famous for many great traditions and cultural values of Gaelic and Celtic origins. Giata is among the major musical tools in the area and gastronomy of Galicia is very popular including fish, meat dishes and some mouth- watering sweets.

Important Attractions in Galicia:

Following are some of the important places to visit in Galicia:

Santiago de Compostela:

This is the capital city of Galicia and famous destination of pilgrimage across Spain. The city has many beautiful places and monuments of interest for visitors.


This city of Vigo is a very important place in the region, which has an estimated big population in Galicia. The city has an important harbor and some famous, well- preserved ancient quarters..

A Coruna:

This city has its importance on account of economical grounds and it is situated in peninsula vakantiehuis spanje. There are many attractions in the city including old quarter, churches in Romanesque styles and synagogue.

This area of Spain is known for the perfect romancing resorts, as there are number of sandy beaches along with many bays. The views from the sea and beaches are perfect, as you can see the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which remains roofed by snow throughout the year. This place is also perfect for skiing and swimming.


The walls built during Roman era surround this town and the Roman Cathedral is definitely worth a visit. We have many More Best Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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