Tourist Attractions in Cartagena Spain

This is Murcia’s second city in size and houses one of Spain’s most crucial ports. The port is of great economic value to the region. The 5th century destruction of the city was not enough to get rid of the Romanian ruins most of which are still found within the city and house important features of the city. They make the list of the major tourist attraction here.

The 1st century Roman Theater is one of the city’s landmark and is a must visit while in the area. Close by it is a 13th century destroyed cathedral and above is a beautiful fortress that is quite a sight to behold. These are some of the historic sites within the city and are worth checking out on any visit to the city of Cartagena.

Other sites worth visiting include the neoclassical and baroque churches some of which hold great baroque paintings with an Italian and Spanish touch to them. The collections are deemed very important and are well maintained with the churches. Besides the old buildings, modern attractive buildings have also been put up and are also great attractions to tourists. They include Palace Aguirre home to a modern art museum, the Palacio Consistorial which is the city hall and the Gran Hotel that is a casino. We have many more Spain Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Away from the sites, the he port is quite a site and so is the La Manga coast a few kilometers from the city. The coastal region will offer you all kinds of fun activities away from the ruins and the modern buildings.

When planning for a vacation, always ensure that you know the kinds of attractions and activities found in the city. It is helpful to gather all the essential details on the features found in the destination since you will be sure that indeed it is the kind of a destination you are looking to spend most of your holiday time. The choice of destination will depend on what objectives you have set for the holiday since the main features found within it will help in achieving those.

It is always advisable to get a map for the region especially on deciding to take the tour without the help of a tour guide. A tour guide can however be of great help in ensuring that you turn the destination upside down getting the best of everything that it has to offer to your during the holiday. We have many More Best Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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