Tourist Attractions in Barcelona Spain

Spain has a number of cities which are vacation destinations for most people because of the beautiful views and activities in the cities. Coming second after France, Spain receives thousands of visitors annually and tourism plays a big role in the lives of the locals who earn from it. There are restaurants and accommodating resorts located at the attraction sites making your stay here very enjoyable.

Attractions in Barcelona
This is the largest city in Spain and has quite a lot to offer to visitors and even Spaniards themselves. There are several attraction sites in the city which have had flowing visitors coming around the year to have a feel and unwind from their busy schedules. As they say, a change is as good as a rest. We have many more Spain Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Sagrada Familia
The number one tourist attraction site in Barcelona is the famous but controversial giant temple Sagrada Familia. It is still unfinished and there is no telling whether it will ever get finished. The untimely death of its architect named Antonio Gaudi saw to the halting of the work over a century ago. The temple stirs mixed reactions in people with some hating it and others loving it all the same.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona
Coming second in attraction is the popular Barcelona Aquarium. Located at Port Vell, this is a marvelous aquatic life expedition that will leave both you and your kids amused. It is worth the visit and also acts as a learning ground for kids.

Poble Espanyol de Montjui
With its spectacular workshops and craft shops, this Spanish village is third in attracting tourists. Here you can have a look at traditional Spanish goods and float in the wonderful architecture of the quarters and houses style incorporating all of Spain. The Flamenco show which takes place at Tablao de Carmen also adds to the great attraction of the village.

Picasso Museum
The famous painter and artist Picasso is known all over the world and this museum containing his work as well as master pieces is quite an attraction for art lovers. His paintings are arranged in a chronological order. This order clearly shows how his designs developed making the art gallery very popular. Art lovers should take their time and enjoy the paintings and buy some too. This is one of the best museum in Barcelona and is a must visit for all. See the beautiful work of Picasso that you can’t find anywhere else. We have many more Spain Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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