Tough Interview Questions

I remember whenever I’ve had to Interview for a position in the past the bit I always looked least forward to was the stage where the Interviewer asks me questions. The majority of which were easy to answer as its very clear what information the Interviewer was looking for, but there were always the odd tough Interview Questions thrown in to throw me out.

Those coupe of tough Interview questions were always difficult to answer as it was never clear what information the Interviewer was looking for.

I’ve since been working in recruitment for some time and have been the Interviewer asking those tough Interview questions on many occasions. Its clear that many candidates still don’t know what I’m looking to hear from them. So I thought I’d cover some of the tough Interview Questions and ways to answer them.

Tough Interview Questions: How to answer them

Tough Interview Questions: What are your weaknesses?

State a weakness but turn it into a positive: “At times I’ve been considered too much of a perfectionist, I use to get irritated if I felt someone else’s work on the project was below company standard, I’ve since learnt that I can’t affect other peoples work so channel my energies into making my work as high a standard as possible”

Tough Interview Questions: How have you managed to attend an Interview in works time?

“I didn’t want to deceive my current employers, so I asked them if I could take an unpaid day of leave to attend to a personal matter”

Tough Interview Questions: How do you feel about carrying out repetitive or mundane work?

“I appreciate every position has an element of repetitiveness but I take all aspects of my job seriously whether they are repetitive or not and always give 100%.”

Tough Interview Questions: How do you handle Criticism?

“At some point we all make mistakes, I’m always happy to take on constructive criticism as this will help me perform better.”

Tough Interview Questions: How long would it be before you would expect to be promoted?

“I couldn’t give a time scale, I would want to prove myself and demonstrate my value to the company, I appreciate that promotion is a reward, not a right”

Tough Interview Questions: What sort of people do you find it difficult to work with?

“I am a very amiable person and very team orientated, If I were to find it difficult to work with someone, it would be someone whose standards doesn’t reach that of the team.

Tough Interview Questions: What do you think of your existing employers?

” I have really enjoyed working for xxx and am thankful for the some, training and career progression that they have provided to date.”

Answering Tough Interview Questions well, will set you apart from other candidates applying for the same position. For further advice and help answering Tough Interview Questions take a look at our site: Land That Job and join our free job seekers course, which has a whole section dedicated to Tough Interview Questions.








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