Toronto Travel Guide – Must See Destinations

Toronto is the most visited tourist city in Canada and it’s due to the large amount of diversification in the city which allows anyone to find something they would like to do. If you’re going to be in Toronto sometime soon then you will want to make sure you check out some of the attractions below. I have lived in Toronto for many years and these attractions below are definitely the top must see destinations for first time visitors to the city.

* The CN Tower is one of the largest structures in the world and you will be able to take an elevator up to the top of the tower. The cost of this attraction is really inexpensive so it’s great for families traveling on a budget. You will be able to see the entire city plus some of the surrounding areas from the top of the CN Tower. You can also eat in the restaurant which is located near the top of the tower and it rotates around the tower so you can view all angles of the city while having a meal.

* If you’re feeling a little extreme then you will definitely want to make a stop at Wonderland which is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country. Wonderland has a lot of monster roller coasters for the daring individual, but there is also a children’s area and Waterpark area loaded with awesome rides. The cost of admission has been going down every year lately and it’s definitely a great way to spend a full day of your vacation in Toronto.

* There is plenty of shopping that you can do in the downtown area of Toronto and you will also be able to have your pick at hundreds of great restaurants. There are plenty of trendy clothing shops, museums and even the Hockey Hall of Fame in the downtown core of Toronto. You can easily spend an entire day in this area shopping and enjoying the busy atmosphere.

* If you enjoy watching sports then depending on the season you will be able to watch one of Toronto’s professional sporting teams. Toronto has a professional baseball team, hockey team, basketball team, soccer team and a CFL team. Tickets can be rather expensive to watch a Toronto sporting event though, so you need to decide how important it is for you on your trip. We have many More Toronto Travel¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

* The Kensington Market is a great place to visit as well when in Toronto as it’s completely free to visit. It’s a street market where you will be able to find everything from bootleg DVD’s to imported food from overseas. The market is always thriving and open everyday as many people earn their income from running stores on the side of the street.

Toronto is a very culturally diverse city and you will be able to find a lot of different types of things to do in the city. You will never be able to get bored in the city of Toronto and if you never want to sleep on your vacation you don’t need too. There is always something to do in Toronto no matter what time it is and that’s just one of many reasons why Toronto is the most popular tourist destination in Canada. We have many More Best Travel Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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