Top Vacancies That You Can Target In 2016

If you are a fresh graduate, on the lookout for a job, we might have information that will interest you. As the fast growing market, there is home to various organisations and so those coming to the city are likely to get many jobs. However, you need to target these jobs with the right approach. First things first, start with getting a hang about the vacancies that can be targeted during the course of the year:

Start with sales: This is a vast domain and you will find plenty of jobs in the sales category. Right from a sales manager to a supervisor, the options in this category will ensure that you land up with a well paying job. However, the single most important qualification that you require to get these jobs is knowing how to sell.

Managerial jobs: Companies are always on the lookout for qualified managers who are able to take up challenging roles. Vacancies in the managerial category are plenty and in order to make the most of them, you should channelize your search in the right direction. Apply on job search engines and keep track of all the managerial jobs.

Marketing jobs: Marketing is another category where there are plenty of vacancies.While the basic qualification in this category is a marketing degree, there are companies that recruit only on the basis of skill. There are marketing jobs in every category and accordingly you can choose an area of interest.

Finance advisors: The finance situation of individuals and companies can do well with some amount of guidance, isn’t it? Companies as well as individuals are always in need of financial advisors who help them plan the year ahead and also give them reliable advice.

Personal shoppers: This is a growing trend. The uber rich are on the lookout for personal shoppers, people who help them manage their shopping. The qualification in this category is simple, you should love to shop and you should know how to get the best deals. So, if you are a shopaholic, it’s time you converted your passion into a well-paying hobby.

Digital marketing experts: As more and more companies get into the domain of digital marketing, the need for experts to spearhead campaigns towards success is just growing. The vacancies in the digital marketing category are multiplying as we speak and if you are on the lookout for an interesting job, this could be a great option.

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