Top Tourist Attractions in Cape Town

If someone asked you to name a city in South Africa, the chances are that Cape Town would be one of the first ones that would come to mind.

But it may not be even close to the top of your list of possible holiday destinations for this year. That could change however when you discover just what it has in store for you.

For starters there are plenty of beaches to enjoy if you like soaking up the sun. There are basically three areas to focus your attention. The first is called False Bay, which contains a number of different beaches to explore. You can also the beaches on the Atlantic Seaboard as well as three others on the West Coast. Needless to say you really are spoiled for choice here. We have many More Cape Town Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

But it isn’t just the sea that attracts holiday makers. Other naturally occurring sights are just as desirable to visit during your stay in Cape Town. Perhaps the most famous one of all is called Table Mountain. This is so called because of its appearance, as it has a flat top which is very unusual for any type of mountain.

There is a cable car system that can take you to the top of the mountain, but if you are up for some hard work then consider hiking instead. It is very enjoyable provided it isn’t too hot, and it is a wonderful way to spend a day enjoying the fresh air and scenery. You will definitely be impressed when you reach the top and take a look out over Cape Town itself.

If you would prefer a more sedate day ahead of you, make sure you don’t miss the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. As the name would suggest, this is very close to the water – literally right on it in fact, as it was constructed on a portion of the docks in the area. It isn’t too far from Table Mountain either, so once again the views are spectacular.

One of the most telling facts about this particular destination is that it is very popular with people who live locally too. There are plenty of shops available here, so you can spend some of your holiday money on some local delights to take back home with you. In addition to that you’ll find plenty of places to stop and relax and grab a bite to eat. While you do you can watch the docks working just as they do every day.

It’s clear that Cape Town has a lot to offer. Flights to Cape Town are readily available, and with lots of accommodation to choose from you can’t fail to have a great stay in this part of South Africa.