Top Tourist Attractions and Events in Dijon, France

Dijon is the historic capital of the province of Burgundy and is located in France. The city has a population of about a quarter of a million people. This city began as a Roman settlement and was on the path to Paris. The city’s patron saint is St. Benignus is believed to have introduced Christianity to the region. The city was a centre of tremendous wealth and power until the Nazis occupied the city.

Attractions in Dijon

Many of the historic buildings in Dijon date back to ancient times. Museums, monasteries, archaeological sites, and churches are some of the must see places to visit while in Dijon.

Palais Des Ducs et des Etats de Bourgogne is the most historic building in the city. It has an elaborate roof constructed of ancient tiles and a trio of courtyards. The building has been rebuilt over the centuries and today houses the Parliament.

The Cartreuse de Champmol is a Carthusian monastery that was built by Philip the Bold. It was originally intended to be used as a tomb but today houses a psychiatric hospital. While people are not always allowed to enter the building, you can see the Moses Fountain from the gardens that were designed in the fourteenth century. The gothic entrance is a must see.

The Archaeological Museum has many of the relics found in the city.

The Museum de la Vie Bourguignonne has many costumes, and samples of farm equipment on display. Much of these instruments date back to the early nineteenth century.

Museum des Beaux-Arts is part of the old palace and it contains the richest museum in Dijon. Sculptures and ducal kitchens are on display. Paintings and sculptures are part of the building. One of the best features on display is a reclining figure resting on a slab of black marble, surrounded by over forty mourners.

Museum Magnin was left to the city after the family died out. Many unique nineteenth century antiques and other art objects are part of the collection left by the former owners. The eclectic display of paintings is a definite must see.

Events in Dijon

Opera, antique shopping, film festivals, street parties, and music are just of the annual events that people can enjoy while visiting this city.

Adventures Festival is an annual event in October where dozens of documentaries showcasing sailing, balloon flights, and other daredevil adventures can be viewed. Learn more about the extreme life that some people enjoy.

Summer of Opera in Burgundy was founded in 1999. This festival celebrates opera and it takes place in July each year. The elegant atmosphere of this festival mixes contemporary operas with the traditional operas.

Bareuzai Market happens every week on Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This indoor and outdoor market is centred on the Central Place and it is a great place to gossip with the locals and purchase all types of home grown produce.

The Salon des Antiquaries Expo showcases some of the best antiques that can be found in France. More than eighty antique dealers and forty exhibitors provide access to their wares at this fair that has been around for the last thirty years.

Gresilles en Fete is the outdoor festival that happens every June. Street parties, concerts, modern dance, exhibitions, performing arts, and photographic competitions are just a few of the different activities you can enjoy in this festival.

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