Top Tourist Attractions and Events in Berne, Switzerland

Berne has many architectural structures that should not be missed including a number of buildings dating to the medieval times, while you are traveling to Switzerland. Gardens, fountains, and more are just a few of the many attractions that should not be missed when visiting this city.

The Botanical Gardens are a must see for every visitor to this fine city. It has many examples of plants that include medicinal, fibre, tropical, woodland, water, and alpine plants. The vast garden represents many plants including greenhouses and outdoor areas. We have many More Switzerland Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

St. Vincent’s Cathedral is an example of one of the newer Gothic churches that has been built in Switzerland. Although the church was begun in 1421, the belfry was not finished until the late eighteen hundreds. The unique architecture of this building can be seen in the pillars and portals that portray the Last Judgment. The cathedral has many beautiful stained-glass windows from the fifteenth century.

The Paul Klee Collection contains a large amount of artwork that includes Piano from Italy. More than four thousand works by Paul Klee can be found as part of this thought-provoking collection. Over forty oils, two thousand paintings, and water colours make up this display of light and colour. You can even enjoy the many fine restaurants that are part of this museum.

Beudeshaus is an example of the Renaissance style of buildings. Parliament meets in this building when in session and the glass dome that shows the coat of arms for this building is one that must be seen. The building has many frescos and statues that should not be missed. Admission is free unless the Parliament is in session then the building is closed to the public.

Einstein Museum of History appears to resemble a neo-gothic castle. This building contains many historic relics, archaeological and numismatic collections. The fantastic tapestries on display include the Thousand Flowers tapestry that tells the story of Julius Caesar. Many period pieces are on permanent display in the museum. Many of the papers, books, and journals of Berne’s most famous figure, Albert Einstein, are on display as well.

Fine Arts Museum has many wonderful pieces of art dating back in history up till the nineteenth century. The Virgin and Child and Masters of Carnation are both on display. Many of the world’s best impressionist work from Money, Sisley, and Manet are available for viewing.

Events in Berne

From onions to Christmas trees, Berne has a little bit of everything for people visiting the city, no matter what time of the year you are there.

Zibelemarit is an annual event in November that allows farmers from all over to display their onions. You can warm yourself with the many types of steaming onion soups and enjoy the onions that are used to decorate the streets of Berne.

Berne Christmas Market is a November through December event that happens each year. More than two square blocks of Christmas arts and crafts are available during this market sale. You can find the best and most unusual Christmas gifts from the traditional to the modern.

FIS Men’s Alphine Skiing World Cup happens every January in Adelboden and allows skiers to compete in slalom and giant slalom events.

The Harder Potschete marks the beginning of each New Year with a parade through eh city streets with masks and music. Enjoy the masks that depict the mountain spirits of the pre-Christian era. Enjoy the costumes and intricate masks. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.