Top Swiss Ball Ab Workouts To Help Define Your Abs

Many people are looking to get into better shape and start showing off their chiseled abs. Although it is hard work to get into the shape required to have six pack abs, it is still important to properly work your abdominal muscles to help get a stronger core foundation. By using a Swiss ball for ab workouts, you can achieve greater strength than only completing floor based ab workouts.

The most common type of exercise thought about when an ab workout is mentioned is a floor crunch. To really develop an abdominal workout someone needs to do various exercises to work the full core area. Someone would be able to do this by using a swiss, or stability, ball.

A crunch on a swiss ball is the base move for any ab program. It is an upper ab exercise and is something done by many people in gyms. To do this move you sit on the ball and move your feet forward until balanced on the ball in a comfortable position. Your feet should be spread at shoulder width and good balance kept on the ball. Although you do not use them to pull yourself up your hands should be placed at the side of your head. The movement is a slow controlled curl of your upper body, beginning at the chest, while keeping tightened abs. Once the top of the move is reached slowly lower back down to the starting position.

Another good upper ab move is ball roll outs. The beginning position for this exercise is kneeling in front of the stability ball so it may be a good idea to have a towel or pad under your knees. Have the ball a couple of feet in front of you and rest your forearms on the ball. Now slowly push your forearms across the ball until your chest hits the ball. Then slowly return to the starting position focusing on contracting your abs during the movement.

The ball leg lift is a great lower ab exercise. Lay on your back directly on the floor with the swiss ball positioned between your lower legs. Pinch the stability ball with your lower legs then slowly raise the ball off the ground. Only lift the swiss ball a few inches off of the ground then pause for a few seconds before lowering it back down. As with all the movements make sure to keep the pace slow and controlled and pause at the top of the lift for a few seconds.

A great lower ab and oblique exercise is hip rolls. Put your lower legs at a 90 degree angle on the stability ball and lie on the ground with each arm away from your body. Press your legs into the stability ball and in a controlled movement rotate your hips in one direction as far as is comfortable. After completing that movement, return to the starting position and do the move the other direction.

The oblique muscles will get focused on during the side twist crunch. This movement is completed just as the swiss ball crunch was but with an added rotation at the top. So after completing the crunch turn your shoulders to the left then return to the beginning position. Do another crunch turning to the right this time.

A strong core is something that many people want. Including Swiss ball ab workouts will help build the type of midsection strength that many people want. To optimize the results of the workout all exercises should be done slowly and controlled for the entire movement.

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