Top Jobs for Felons – 5 Tips for Finding Employment for Felons

Finding jobs for felons has been too difficult for far too long. High-paying jobs for felons are especially hard to find in today’s tough economic times but tough doesn’t mean impossible. specializes in matching felons and ex cons with employment and long lasting careers. If you’ve had trouble finding jobs for felons that pay well, then read on.

A good tip is to look for employment for felons that either requires no background check or those that are open to people with a past. It also has to be a position that you are qualified for; otherwise you will just be setting yourself up for failure. It’s a good time saving idea to only apply to companies that you’d otherwise be qualified and a good fit.

Tips to find companies that hire felons:

1. First, you have to evaluate yourself. Are you a good candidate for the career that you want? Do you have the training and skills needed? Do you have any experience? Do you have any character references to show that you have rehabilitated yourself?

2. Secondly, companies that hire felons don’t fall out of the sky. You have to actively look for them. Use your networking skills to find a good job. Call and ask your friends, family, fellow church members, former co-workers, etc. for help in looking for a job.

3. Then you might want to upgrade your skills, especially if you have not had any recent training or work history. Not all jobs for felons require training but this will definitely make you more attractive to potential employers. Hopefully, if you can get good training then you can advance your career and earn more.

4. It’s helpful to check government or non-profit organizations that can help your search for felony jobs. Ask your local or state employment agency if there are any resources for felons in your location. In some states, there are even job fairs for offenders where there are hundreds of companies that hire felons available.

5. Lastly, employment for felons is available but to get hired you have to know how to play the game. Felon jobs are very competitive and if you don’t know how to properly present yourself then you will lose out. When you start looking for jobs that hire felons you should take steps to learn how to create a good resume, dress for a job interview, answer difficult interview questions and how to present yourself as a good candidate for the job.

There is a problem with jobs that hire felons but there are actually many jobs for felons available such temp work, truck driving, construction work, food service job like waiters, counter attendants, bus staff, etc. The problem with some of these felon friendly jobs is that many people feel that they don’t pay well or do not allow for any career advancement.

Sometimes this can be the cause for ex-offenders turning to crime again if the ex-offender feels that he is stuck with only low-paying job for felons and can’t improve himself.

However, although ex convicts who have just gotten out of prison or don’t have marketable skills may be low-paying at first, they are still quite valuable for ex-offenders.

Why are even low-paying jobs for felons good? Consider these three things:

* It’s easier to get a job if you already have a job. You will have money to fund your search for higher-paying felon friendly jobs. Also, having new co-workers means that you will expand your social network of people who may be able to help you find a good job.
* You can use these low-paying jobs for felons to build a work history – its way better than having a long period of unemployment on your resume.
* The longer you are gainfully employed, the less relevant your felony record will be the next time you look for high-income companies that hire felons. What seems like an insurmountable barrier when you are fresh out of prison will not be so difficult to overcome once you have a few years of work history.

The truth is, when it comes to jobs for felons, unless you are very lucky you will probably have to work your way from the bottom up.

On the other hand, there are some job opportunities for felons that are high-paying. We have some examples and direction to jobs for convicted felons that are exciting and pay well but don’t require background checks.

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