Top Five Resorts in Lake Garda, Italy

The Italian lakes are renowned for their beauty and none are more impressive than the stunning Lake Garda. Surrounded by pretty towns and villages, the area offers a wide range of places to stay.

Deciding which location is best for you will very much depend on the type of holiday that you are looking for. We have many more Italy Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The following list should, however, give you a great starting point, with details on the best resorts around the lake:

1. Garda: This is the village that gave the lake its name. The village has a very traditional feel and hosts an impressive firework display in August each year.

2. Lazise: Ideally located for the nearby theme park that is known as Gardaland. Lazise has plenty to offer, with its historic streets leading down to its bustling harbour.

3. Bardolino: Like Garda and Lazise, Bardolino is located in the popular south-east corner of the region. Well-known for its local wine, the area also produces excellent oils and fishes, meaning that Bardolino is an excellent place to stay for those who love food.

4. Riva Del Garda: One of the finest towns in Italy, Riva Del Garda is located at the northern edge of the lake, nestling at the foot of the mountains. With its gravel beach, the town is popular with those looking to relax, as well as those using this as a base for water sports.

5. San Benedetto: This small village is great for those enjoy cycling or walking, by virtue of being located in the middle of a relatively flat area of land. This is also an excellent place to stay for those wanting to get away from the busier resorts.

These are five of the finest resorts in the Lake Garda region but the best thing about staying in this part of Italy is that you can take the time to explore – it’s perfectly possible to include each of the best resorts within your holiday itinerary. We have many More Europe Travel Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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