Top Five Interview Skills Required in Candidate

It is very important to perform well at a job interview because it is the point between your unemployment and a successful employee. Once you receive an interview call, do check if that is a phone interview or face-to-face interview. As per the type of interview, please take care of the top five job interview skills.

Top five interview skills are:

1. Shake hand confidently – The way you shake hand with your interviewer tells the story. The unconfident and nervous handshake leaves a bad impression and shows that you don’t have confidence in talking with new people.

2. Prepare some points regarding “Why recruiter should recruit you” and why you should work at recruiter’s company”. Keep in your mind all the points that would support you to show that the company will get benefit by recruiting you.

3. Know about the company where you are applying for the job. The interviewer would ask you how much do you know about the company. It is important to impress your interviewer that you have read about the company and you are willing to join them.

4. Gestures should be appropriate – You body language should be positive and should reflect a confident personality of yours. Sit with your arms firmly placed on the sides of the chair. If you are drinking water from a glass, don’t let your hands tremble.

5. Show that you are a quick learner – Companies don’t need you to be already trained. They are ready to train you, but they need that you should be an effective employee for them.

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