Top 5 Interview Tips in the Recession

With the UK in recession, possible well into 2010, getting a good job is not as easy as it used to be. A recent survey showed that for each job listing published, there are now 10 qualified applicants waiting to fill the position.

What this means is that you will have to compete with more talented people for the same job, so even if you make it to the interview stage you will still have to be able to convince the people on the other side of the table that you and not the next person is the right person for the job.

Job interviews are one of those things in life that most people feel stressed about, a necessary evil at best. Most applicants have never been trained in how to conduct themselves during job interviews. As such they go in, try to put their best foot forward and try to give answers they think the interviewer is looking for.

New approaches and techniques have been introduced to interviewing people and whilst the interview panel may not be out to deliberately try and confuse they no longer ask straightforward questions. Often they will ask questions that have no right or wrong answer just to give them an insight as to how you would cope under stress and in hypothetical situations. The best thing to do though is to stay focused and relaxed during the meeting and be prepared for the unexpected!

1)Try not to get too nervous.

Remember that in many cases the people conducting the interviewing are not professional interviewers. Try to stay relaxed and friendly during the interview without coming across as arrogant or rude.

2)Be prepared.- research the company.

Get information on goals and values for the company. This shows that you are proactive and actually care about getting the job. Too many times applicants just send a standard application and then carry on in the same way during every interview they attend. Remember, the company is not only looking for a skilled new employee but one that will fit in and understand what the company ethos and goals are.

3)Have answers prepared for typical questions you may be asked.

One of the most common and dreaded questions asked in a job interview is the “so.. tell us something about yourself”. many interviews begin with this style of question, it is your opportunity to ‘sell yourself’ without being too arrogant. Remember to stick to the points which are relevant to the job you are being interviewed for. This question is often asked and the answers you give compared against your résumé.

4) Focus on what you have to offer.

Not on what the job can offer you. It is natural to say things like “I think this job is good for my career”, that is not really what the interviewers are looking for. They want to know how you can add value to the company.

5)Avoid negative talk about past employment and employers.

It will not make you look clever. If you can turn on your former employers now, it will give the impression that you may will do the same again. Be honest in a diplomatic manner.

If you are looking for a job, why not try new and creative ways getting in touch with employers. Create your own personal flyer and market yourself in an untraditional way. Cheap flyer printing is widely available and one could be included with your letter of introduction or CV.

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