Top 5 Destinations in Europe

If you are planning a trip to Europe then there are certain cities that you simply cannot leave off your itinerary. They hold some of the world’s most famous landmarks, and offer a real insight into the varied cultures of the European countries.

Paris is probably the first place that people think of when they consider traveling to Europe. Known as one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Paris is also a large and vibrant city, and also the capital of France. There are many famous buildings around the center, including the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, and of course the Eiffel Tower. The river Seine runs through the city, giving it much of its character. The city is also full of secret squares and hidden gardens, as well as many more little well known buildings in a range of styles. The Louvre is the most well known art gallery, but there are many others here too. Paris is also known for its excellent shopping and restaurants. The city is easily reached by air or overland, and has excellent public transport within the city. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Rome, the capital city of Italy, is also filled with famous landmarks; many of which date back to the ancient Roman Empire. Rome lies on the courses of two rivers, the Aniene and the Tiber, not far from the shores of the Mediterranean. The weather is excellent, and although there is good public transportation, driving is probably best left to the natives. Navigating the busy streets of Rome can be rather overwhelming for a tourist. The Pope and the Catholic Church are based in Vatican City, an actual city itself that sits within the city of Rome. It is well worth a visit for its magnificent architecture and unique history.

London is the third and final capital city in this list. It is an economic and cultural hub, set within the United Kingdom. There are a huge range of things to do and see, with many theaters, museums and art galleries, as well as some famous buildings and landmarks, including Buckingham Palace. London is an incredibly diverse city, with more languages being spoken by its inhabitants than in any other city in the world, creating a unique combination of cultures.

Venice, in Italy, is one of the most well known cities in the world, due to its magical canals. It is set into a lagoon in the Adriatic, with a number of islands being linked together by canal. Venice was once one of the most powerful cities in Europe, based on its naval might and merchant shipping, and its rich history is still apparent in the magnificent architecture. This was where many of the Crusaders left Europe behind as they traveled eastwards. Much of the most important art of the Renaissance was produced here, and can still be visited today. Travel within the city can be managed on foot, but for the true Venice experience it is essential to take a boat trip through the streets.

Barcelona is a beautiful Spanish city sitting on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital of the Catalan region of Spain, and has its own proud and unique history and culture. There is much of historic and architectural interest to see here, from Roman ruins to the spectacular church of Sagrada Familia. There are also many interesting galleries and museums, as well as some relaxing beaches. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.