Top 3 Methods of Paid Website Traffic Online

There are many ways to generate website traffic to your online business website. There are free methods and there are paid methods. In this article I want to talk just a little bit about getting some paid traffic to your website with my top 3 methods of paid website traffic online. If you follow through and implement just one of these methods you will be well on your way to flooding your home business website with traffic. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

Method 1. is to use paid solo ads. Solo Ads are simply single email blasts to another persons list. There are many ezine publishers out there on the Internet that will sell advertising in there online newsletters. You can purchase a solo ad in other people’s ezines for price of $5 and upwards of $300 or even higher at times. I really like solo ads because when a solo ad goes out to the publishers email list your ad is the only thing in the email. This way the readers have their focus on your solo ad and not a bunch of other Ads.

Method 2. is to use Google AdWords. Google AdWords is your quickest way to get targeted traffic from the search engines. You can literally be up in running in less than one hour with Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords you will only pay for the actual visitors to your website.

Method 3. is to use top sponsor ads. This is very similar to the first method. What makes this a really good method is that when the ezine publisher send out an article or newsletter to their subscribers your ad is on top of the newsletter before the article. Many of the subscriber may not want to open solo ad emails but they do open the actual newsletter, so this give you the opportunity of reaching people that way too.

So these are my top 3 methods of generating paid website traffic online to a home business website online. Go and implement just one or all 3 of these and see what happens. I am sure you will love it. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.