Top 10 Job Interview Tips

Trying to get a job in today’s tough job market is not an easy task. But with a little know-how and some good interview tips, you will soon impress the interviewer at your next interview.

So, I have compiled a Top Ten list of the must-do’s in an interview. After the Top Ten list, I have a personal example of how these tips actually work. So lets start of with #1:

1. Shake the interviewer’s hand
This tip is basic common sense, but most people do it wrong. Do NOT wait for the interviewer to stick their hand out to shake yours, beat him/her to it. Stick you hand out and shake his/her hand firmly. If your hands are sweaty, somehow dry them off, and please do not give a wimpy handshake. Nobody likes shaking a useless hand. So, to make the first impression, shake the interviewer’s hand with confidence.

2. Ask how he or she is
After shaking the interviewer’s hand, you want to ask how he/she is doing today. Make sure you ask the interviewer before they get a chance to ask you. Sometimes the interviewer won’t ask you, and if you don’t ask him/her, that is a bad way to start off an interview. Also, be polite and formal. Do NOT say “how’s it goin”. Instead, say “Great to meet you, how are you doing today?”

3. Stand tall
Even if you are not tall, stand tall. Push your shoulders back, keep you head up and look very confident.

4. Be Confident
Similar to the previous tip, but being confident is another must do. If you are nervous, do NOT show it. If you are intimidated by the interviewer, do NOT show it. When you get interviewed, the interviewer does not want to see someone who is nervous and anxious. They want to see confidence, so you need to stand tall, be confident and walk around thinking “I am the best candidate for this job, and I AM going to get this job”.

5. Let the interviewer sit down first

If you are a guy going out on a first date, you should always let the ladies sit down first. Same rule applies in interviews. Except, gender does not come into play here, if you are a female getting interviewed by a man, still wait until he sits down first, then you may proceed to sit. It shows that you are in control and you are up to any challenge that you might face. However, this rule is not always standard. If the interviewer proceeds to let you sit down first, don’t try to be polite and say “no, after you”. Just cut to the point, and say “oh, thank you”, then move on with the interview.

6. Answer questions with confidence

Do not let the interviewer intimidate you with though questions. Answer them with confidence, and show the interviewer that you have the skills and qualifications, and that you are going to GET this job! Also, if you don’t understand a question, or don’t know how to answer it, stay calm and think about what to say. The interviewer does not want to hear “oh, umm I think, well, umm, well you know, umm I ….”. But there is ways to answer a question even if you don’t know the answer. It does not matter if you have to think about it for a couple seconds, it is better if you think about it for a few seconds, then say a stupid answer the minute the question was said.

7. Do NOT lie or over exaggerate
If you don’t know how to answer a question, do NOT lie. Lying will come back and bite you, the interviewer will call your references, and the lies will come out. Thus, no job for you.

8. Do NOT talk fast
Often, when a person is nervous, he or she will talk fast. And an interviewer will see that as being really nervous. So take your time, and just relax. If you think you are talking really slow, it will probably be perfect. Because when you are nervous, you think you are talking really slow, when in fact you are talking normal.

9. Do NOT flirt
This rule won’t apply for everyone, but if you are a female getting interviewed by a male, do NOT flirt. Many people have got jobs by flirting and showing some leg or cleavage, but it is not worth it. The job won’t last, and if you get hired because you were showing some skin and flirting, then that shows what kind of boss he is, a jerk who doesn’t care about your qualifications. He will just hire you because of your looks. Thus, you will hate the job, and you will not last long at the company.

10. Thank the interviewer
Once the interview is over, thank the interviewer. Don’t say “thanks”, instead, say “Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to interview me!”. Also, if you are feeling really confident, you could add this line, “and if you hire me, you WON’T be disappointed”.

All of these tips are ways for you to stand out to the interviewer, and hopefully land your dream job! I used these tips years ago (back when I was 18!) when I was trying to get a job with a high profile fashion company. And the employer said that they didn’t want to hire someone under 19 years of age. However, I used most of these tips, and I ended up with a well paying job at a very well known fashion company.

Even the district supervisor was skeptical of my age. But I got in with that company and I ended up with the highest seniority at the company. I even lasted longer than that district supervisor.

So, I ended up quitting that job to pursue my Life Coaching career. But I am still thankful for that job, and the chance to show that company that I was worth hiring.

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