Top 10 Job Interview Tips. Learn How to Land your Dream Job!

The job market is tough, and trying to get a job is almost impossible. Even trying to get an interview is tough. However, there are so many ways for you to stand out to the interviewer, and that will be key to your success in your job search.

Weather you have an interview scheduled, or you are just starting your job search, these next 10 tips are rules that you must stick to. Each one of these next tips can be used either in job networking or job interviews.

Below is a detailed list of the top 10 interview tips:

1. Don’t be late
It is so sad that I actually have to tell you this. But is amazes me how many people show up late to interviews. Being late is the worst thing you can do to start off an interview. So, make sure you’re early; I always say 5-10 minutes early is perfect. Anything more than 10 minutes is looking to desperate.

2. Shake the interviewer’s hand
It is also amazing how many people do this wrong. When you meet the interviewer, shake his/her hand before your interviewer sticks out their hand to shake yours. Also, make sure you grip it firmly, and make sure it is dry. Nobody likes to shake a damp/limp hand.

3. Dress appropriately
Dress appropriately for an interview, I have a whole post called What to Wear to an Interview, and you can find it by clicking that link. In that link you will find out how to dress for any job interview whether you are a man or woman. But as some basic rules, get dressed up, but don’t over dress the interviewer.

4. Be Confident
This is a very important step in trying to impress the interviewer. Don’t be shy, instead stand tall and act like you can conquer anything that life brings you. Don’t get cocky though, the interviewer will like to see confidence, not cockiness.

5. Listen
Listed to what the interviewer tells you. It is not good to ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you were day-dreaming. So, stay focused and listen carefully to what the interviewer has to ask you.

6. Know how to answer
Knowing how to answer a job interview will be key to your interview success. Read up on the company you are getting interviewed by, know what qualifications they are looking for, know all your credentials, and most importantly, know how to answer questions with confidence…

7. Answer questions with confidence
Yes, you need to have confidence when answering interview questions, if you don’t, the interviewer will not take you seriously. So, answer with a strong answer, and if you don’t understand a question that the interviewer asked you, answer it with the best of your abilities, and then ask the interviewer if that answered his/her question.

8. Do NOT lie or over exaggerate
Do not lie, I don’t need to say much more, but lying will put you in a bad situation. Plus, you will need to lie later on to cover up those lies. And your personal references could rat you out as well.

9. Do NOT talk fast
Talking fast is a sign of being nervous, and you need to look and act calm. So put your nerves aside, and act calm. Most likely you will be nervous, but you cannot show it.

10. Thank the interviewer
Another very important step in impressing the interviewer is to thank him or her. It is a great way to end the interview and you can say something like this:

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to interview me!”

Or, if you’re feeling really confident, you could also say this:

“And if you decide to hire me, you WON’T be disappointed!”

That last line is a great one, interviewers will love hearing that from you, it shows that you are not afraid, and that you are up for any challenge!

I am confident about this list of top 10 interview tips. You may find my other article called How to Impress the Interviewer informative as well.

I remember a teen I helped with their first job interview. He was so nervous, but I coached him with all these tips, and he landed the job after the first interview! And in today’s tough job market, that is something to be proud of!

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