Tips To Use With A Fitness Sit-Up Bench

A fitness sit-up bench is an excellent piece of exercise equipment. If you use it correctly, it will give you that flat abs look in no time. But if you use your sit-up bench the wrong way, you can hurt yourself and you also decrease its effectiveness.

**Here’s 10 tips to help you use your sit-up exercise bench to its full potential to give you the results that you want:**

* **Check with your doctor** – A fitness sit-up bench is not suited for everyone. If you have back or other injuries it may only harm you and it may also be unsafe for pregnant women to use. So it is best to check with your doctor to make sure that it would be safe for you to use.
* **Read/Watch** – Be sure to read or watch the instructions manual or DVD before you set the sit-up exercise bench up. You can also get valuable tips and advice in those manuals.
* **Don’t come up all the way** – When you come up for your crunch, make sure that you don’t come up all the way. Doing so may hurt your back. Rather only come up about half way.
* **Keep your abs contracted** – To stabilize yourself and to make the exercises more effective, keep your abs tight and contracted the whole time.
* **Crunch to the side** – Instead of only crunching up, take your crunch from side to side. It will help you to target your obliques.
* **Adjust the incline** – If you adjust the incline of your sit-up bench, you can control how intense the exercises are. Those at an angle will always be more intense.
* **Knee pull-ins** – Sit on the edge of a flat sit-up exercise bench. Straighten your legs and bring them into your chest. Straighten them again and repeat.
* **Decline leg thrusts** – Lie down on an decline sit-up bench and hold the handle for support. Slowly thrust your legs up in the air with a controlled and fluent movement.
* **Abs circuit** – Repeat the above abs exercises, together with normal crunches, one after another in a circuit and repeat.
* **Don’t only do abs exercises** – For best results you shouldn’t only do abs exercises. Include cardio and weight training for best results.

These instructions will ensure that you use your fitness sit-up bench the right way so that you get the most out of it and so that you don’t get hurt. Just remember to use your sit-up bench regularly.

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