Tips to Summer-Proof Your Wardrobe

The heat is on! Summer is slowly making the thermometer – as well as everyone – go crazy. While you can always stay in an air-conditioned room, let’s face it, you can’t stay there forever, you have to go out sooner or later. But what should you wear? Of course, because of the heat and humidity, you have to adjust your wardrobe. Here are some suggestions to summer-proof your wardrobe. So keep your long-sleeved shirts and jackets in the closet because you won’t be needing them for a very long time.

Go Light

This actually means two things: choose light colored clothes and lightweight fabrics. Dark colored clothes, besides the tendency to absorb the sun’s rays, traps the heat, keeping you warmer than you need. Light colored clothes, like white and yellow, reflects it keeping you cool. Also, wear lightweight fabrics. Cotton is okay if you don’t plan to go outside and do activities which can really make you sweat. If you’re going to be active though, uncheck 100 percent cotton clothes from your list. You’re better off with light synthetic fabrics.

Go for the Right Styles

Shorts, sleeveless shirts are a good option during the summer. It certainly gives you more ventilation. However, as you expose more skin remember to put on some sunscreen for protection. You don’t want to be comfortable but prone to wrinkles and skin illnesses. The lotion will also moisturize your skin, as heat has the tendency to dry skin.

Wearing loose clothing is also a good choice. Loose, but not baggy (oversized). Loose clothing will allow you to move freely, provide more comfort since air flow is better. Of course, this means you should avoid fit or body-hugging clothing.

Go for Some Shade

Sunglasses are another summer staple. Your eyes, as well as the skin around them are sensitive and thin, so it’s best to give them the protection they need. Dark glasses do not necessarily mean good protection though. Tint is just for the glare, not necessarily for protection. Check if glasses are certified when it comes to UV protection, like the ones from Oakley.

Going for a Run? Go Technical

Okay, so you’re not a treadmill person. You really need to run outside. But you know you’re either going to be scorched or become a walking ball of sweat. Is there a way better alternative for runners? Absolutely. Technical wear comes in light colors, is lightweight and has sweat-wicking properties. The last features helps you cool off by letting sweat evaporate at certain points of the clothing. Anti-bacterial properties also help prevent infections and that generally gross and smelly feeling of being soaked in sweat for a long time.

Not familiar with technical wear? You can try Reebok running wear, its affordable and high quality. While you’re at it, check out Reebok running shoes. The breathable materials of the shoes promotes proper ventilation to help prevent sweaty, hot and slippery feet.

Go Free Your Feet

While on the subject of footwear, what about non-runners? What should they wear? Well, a pair of flip-flops or sandals will free up your feet. If you like closed shoes, espadrilles-which are often made from fabrics-is a good choice.

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