Tips on Starting Over and How to Make Up With Your Ex

Making up with an ex is not an easy task. There may be tension or other heavy emotions that you have to get past before you can fully recover. However, do not worry. A complete recovery is possible if you and your ex are willing to look to the future rather than wallow in the past. If you want to know how to make up with your ex, then read on for these helpful guidelines.

Fix the Problems First

The problems that lead up to the breakup must be addressed and fixed before anything else can happen. Make sure you have found a solution to all the issues, not just one or two of them. Also make sure you are making promises and commitments you can stick to. Some people feel inclined to tell their ex whatever it takes to get them back. If you can’t or won’t follow through, then you are only setting yourself up for heartache a little further down the road!

Leave it in the Past

You or your ex may have said or done things you now regret. These things must be forgiven if you want to move on to a strong relationship. If you are not truly “over” what happened, then it will reappear later and could possible ruin your second chance. Talk about what happened and ask for forgiveness. Do not assume your ex has forgiven you because you’re discussing a reunion. Instead, come out and say it so you can begin the healing process. If your ex has not apologized for what you feel they did wrong, then bring it up. Always be constructive rather than accusing!

Set Boundaries

Make sure proper boundaries have been set so you can both be happy. Time should be set aside for just the two of you to be together. On the other hand, time away should also be accounted for. You do not want to overwhelm each other. Plus, that time apart gives you each a chance to appreciate and miss each other. It helps prevent that suffocated feeling in your relationship. If you want to know how to make up with your ex, you must learn how to spend time both with and without them!

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